Saturday, 8 January 2011

What not to wear!

Am now approaching the 17 week mark, work know I am pregnant, and am ready to show off my bump.

Other breeders have been very generous and given me their baby books to read, so after looking up how big baby is this week (the size of an avocado) and what stage his/hers development is at (baby`s ears are now in the right place apparently) i flicked straight to the “what to wear during pregnancy” pages and was mortified to read some of the advice; raid your partners wardrobe..? erm, now i am as partial as the next girlfriend to stealing my mans sweaters occasionally, but seriously considering wearing his jeans and shirts as maternity wear? I somehow can`t see that being the most flattering option for the next few months! I would look like Tom Hanks at the end of BIG. No, that will never do.

Back to the books advice, the other suggestions were to “choose horizontal zips and buttons  as they create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette” I had visions of myself going to work wearing zip through hoodies desperately trying to  appear slimmer but instead managing to look like I had an ASBO and a penchant for dodgy sportswear!
The one piece of advice i did agree with was to wear one colour top to toe, this is something i would advocate pregnant or not, should you be trying to look a little leaner, other than that, the majority of the pregnancy books should stick to giving out the medical and practical advice, which i am totally in awe of, as it`s a subject i know next to nothing about, as for their fashion suggestions, they could do more harm than good!

For work i am encouraged to wear stock we sell on the website, which i have to be honest is usually no hardship! I aim to continue to wear stock we sell until my due date, but my purchases will have to be a little more considered. Having spent from June-October last year studying the trends and buying all the amazing stock for Spring Summer 2011 i am loathe to think that that i can`t wear any of it! My plan is to identify what i can wear without looking like a hippo in 70s fancy dress, and I don`t mean taking the easy way out and buying hats and earrings, i mean genuinely embracing the trends without fear of people laughing at me in the street...I will keep you posted on how i get on.

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