Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I love fancy dress...but pregnant fancy dress? god help me

To celebrate 3 decades on earth my friend is throwing a fancy dress party, the thought of dressing up without the aid of carbonated dutch courage is filling me with dread! Its not that i am shy or alcohol dependant its just that i find it easier to look tragically unattractive when under the influece of something cold and wine flavoured.
My ever romantic beau (yes, you lover) has suggested i go as Vicki Pollard, complete with exposed bump and chavtastic leisure wear, other suggestions have included a bunch of grapes...can you imagine me poured into a green leotard and tights covered in balloons, hoping i am not attacked by a pin weilding menace who leaves me deflated and vunerable covering my lycra clad lady lumps ??? terrifying. Fruit has been a popular suggestion, particularly circular shapes  (a reference to my increasinly rotund looking figure perhaps?) oh and another helpful friend suggested i go as an egg, boiled i imagine as runny eggs arent reccommeded during pregnancy.
Ive been thinking about going as an over grown baby, complete with babygro and dummy, its on my mind a lot for some reason, and sounds like a comfortable option, will it look as wrong as it sounds ? I hope so

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