Thursday, 6 January 2011

First things first...

                                                              Goodbye for now, my faithful friend x

Like I said, my first wardrobe casualties were my skinnies,  (gorgeous black high Waisted J Brand majors) although I could get them on, even zip them up, the marks left across my stomach could be described as minor lacerations, and the zip was straining under the pressure, my first thought was of the baby I was growing, and how cruel it was to limit the size of his/her temporary accommodation, my 2nd thought was of how I didn't want to damage my jeans beyond repair as I intend to pour myself back into them one day.
With my priorities straight I carefully placed my jeans into a storage box, shedding only a crocodile tear.
My main observation about the afore mentioned jeans is had they of been low rise they may of been able to accompany me on my pregnancy journey for a little longer, i remember seeing pictures of Kate Moss wearing her skinnies well into her pregnancy, the paparazzi caught a rather mean shot of her wearing her trusty grey skinnies with the zip undone to allow her bump room, am 99% certain the photographer responsible was a man and therefor had never faced a pregnancy related wardrobe conundrum. My point is, if Miss Moss with her all fashion accolades not to mention access to clothes beyond most women's dreams or financial means came unstuck, then I, a mere mortal not blessed with supermodel proportions was prepared to bow out early with my dignity and my zipper, in tact.

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