Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Rules & Regulations

I am pregnant while some of my closest friends turn 30, not since we were 21 has there been such a milestone birthday, there have been frequent nights out to celebrate this coming of age, and thankfully due to our age, the majority of these involve eating before the drinking till dawn commence, as at least i am able to participate in half of the festivities, before being packed off home, waddling back to my car feeling exhausted at 11pm

Last night was another such occasion, a night out in Liverpool with the gang required me to spruce up my appearance for the evening. I duly obliged, donning heels and a dress (for the purposes of specifics i wore a "Scarlett Dress" from Bullet on Hardman Street in Liverpool, a short wrap vintage print dress with dramatic wing sleeves, black tights and purple suede peeptoe platforms, no pics unfortunately i was a little rushed)

While i felt dressed for the occasion, and spent time applying makeup (flicked liquid eyeliner, nude lips) i still felt vastly different once i got out, my bump was visible but the flattering cut of the dress made me appear slimmer, so it wasn't that, Perhaps it was the fact i don't wear as much make-up now (having to remove it all just a couple of hours later makes it less appealing) or the fact i walk so cautiously on my heels, making me feel like a novice.

I discussed this with another new mum over a glass of cranberry & orange on the rocks, she assured me feeling like this is perfectly normal, apparently its due to the fact you subconsciously don't "do" yourself up in the same way when pregnant, you feel the need look more demure, vampish make up and sexy clothes look and feel wrong, remember Jordan exposing her bumpalicious body during her pregnancy, i rest my case.

Before i left the house i even questioned wearing heels in case someone thought i was putting my baby at risk, the books tell me my centre of gravity is affected during pregnancy making my balance off, but physically i cant notice any different, I remember seeing pictures of Coleen Rooney, snapped by paparazzi heavily pregnant and wearing towering Louboutins platforms and being lambasted for being irresponsible, and thinking that surely navigating heels while pregnant and sober is far safer than the dozens of times i have worn heels while under the influence of Sauvignon Blanc ???? The way my feet felt just 2hrs into the night (sore/swelled) i can assure any one who is appalled at my heel wearing that it wont be happening again, or at least i cant see myself donning anything with a 5.5" heel again during my pregnancy.

But its not just the aesthetic image of a good mother to be i am conscious of portraying, i fancied a splash of white wine with dinner but was worried what other diners would think of me, am sure they were too engrossed in their own evenings, but i couldn't take the chance and ordered only fruit juice, and resorted to sneaking a splash of vino from an obliging friend!
People have such strong opinions of child bearing, even childless men have been known to give their opinion on pregnancy, and i cant bear anyone casting a disapproving look, i even stopped myself from purchasing a lighter in the supermarket on Saturday, i cant find the one i use to light my scented candles, but i didn't want to chance the cashier assuming i smoked....oh lord this is getting out of hand!!!

Half of all my friends in attendance last night have babies so there is no shortage of birth & baby anecdotes, some make me howl with laughter, others cause me to cry with shock (it never fails to astonish me that my dearest friends have been through these life changing experiences, extreme medical procedures during child birth, and yet never feel the need to make a big deal about it, even jokingly referring to their horror stories to lighten up the story for my benefit) So by the time my due date arrives there will be no stone left unturned, i don't think there is a baby related question that between then they cant answer...i may have to give these personal pregnancy advisers a collective name....The Mummy Council perhaps....or even better The Labour Party???

Thursday, 24 February 2011

When i was a bump

I am the 5th of 6 kids, so by the time my mum was expecting me i am guessing she was pretty easy going about the whole pregnancy, i keep meaning to ask does she have any pictures of me when i was just a bump...but 29 years ago with 4 other rug rats running around perhaps posing for photos wasn't top priority!!

I do know that my nan used to make my mum maternity smocks, there were no trips to Isabella Oliver to stock up on jersey wrap dresses, and definitely no Dream Genii pillow to aid a good nights sleep.....was pregnancy easier back then....or are we modern mummies-to-be just pampered princess?? I jest of course, but it does seem that pregnancy in 2011 is given a whole lot of emphasis, when perhaps previous generations just got on with things without the drama?

I receive weekly emails from a pregnancy website keeping me updated on approx how big, how heavy and exactly what stage of development my little bump dweller is at, i have been given books on pregnancy/the birth and caring for the baby from day one through to.....well i don't know how far they take you, i haven't read them all yet!

My point is what happened before we had all of this information to hand? Did new mothers just ad lib? does your maternal instinct really kick in?

For all other aspects of pregnancy there is so much choice, the Menu for choosing your birth method just gets longer, the vitamins you should take, the food you should and shouldn't eat, the exercises you should do, and the subject that comes up time and time again, breastfeeding....the NHS slogan is "breast is best" however this is one subject i am not going to comment on...until i have 1st hand knowledge!

John Lewis even gives you a step by step guide on how to decorate your nursery  from black out blinds to babies first wardrobe (did blackout blinds exist when i was a baby? perhaps we had thicker eyelids back then or did my mum give us all baby sunglasses?)

I have so many questions, i think i better get asking. How did you mum get through her pregnancy? Any funny stories? Does you mum / nan / auntie think young women these days are weaklings when it comes to pregnancy ?? Most Mums i have come across during my pregnancy have acknowledged me with an understanding and a special camaraderie.....does this extend the generations, i would love to know


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Name Game

Am fast approaching what my friend calls "count down", the 6 month mark. While in Calender weeks i have 17 weeks left, once February turns into March in months i only have 3 to go, which to non child bearing folk may seem a long time, if you have a holiday booked in 3 months it feels like a life time, but for me i feel that not only do we have a lot to prepare, the nursery being the biggest thing, mentally i have to get my head around i am going to be a mother and on top of all of this we have to choose a name this little person will bear forever..the responsibility of this feels huge, a name that will not only suit perfectly, but carry him/her through school without ridicule, through its career and be taken seriously, and work just as well as an adult as it did as a child, oh my word, making this decision without the help of alcohol (a crutch in times of pressure for me) is going to be tricky!

I have been warned by those in the know that half of the battle is getting both expectant Mummy & Daddy to agree on the name, but before we even get to that we have to pick some names we actually like. Everyone has name association, this is where we automatically connect the name with someone or something we dislike, be it someone we went to school with/worked with, it could be a family member or even a character from a book/movie or TV programme which makes you automatically and unequivocally veto that name forever...believe me its happened already.
Take for example Carrie, my dear Nans name, a name i cherish and would love to bestow on my child should i bear a other half's opinion, yeah great name, but his name association??? Carrie Bradshaw, neurotic fashion mad sex columnist from a very well known TV programme and movie. Point taken (this battle ain't over, i have 3 months left to fight this one)

I love the idea of carrying on a family name, another close friend of mine plans to use her fathers surname as her child's christian name, as when she and her sister marry the name will be lost, now i am sentimental (and hormonal) but it gives me a lump in my throat just thinking about it, a name with history that means a lot to her, what could be more appropriate?

Taking into account your child's future is important, a little story i repeat every so often tells of how my friends who shall only be known as Lord & Lady chose their sons name on the basis that the alternative name that had been in the running since day 1 would hinder his chances of ever being a lawyer, the successful and losing names shall remain a secret, but i genuinely believe its true. Could you imagine being introduced to your barrister with a name like Tiger Lily or Peaches??

I have Name books at the ready, one of them has 7000 options, surely one of them will be suitable ?? Since the sex of our little one will be a secret until D Day we will need options for both,

There may be trouble ahead.......

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Watching from afar

Back from New York, and my usual method of staying awake and getting straight back into routine, didn't quite go to plan, 14hrs after going to bed i finally woke to the sound of my phone ringing, who knows how long i would have slept uninterrupted!

Its been a busy week on planet fashion, London fashion week came and went while i was still in NYC, with the help of the Internet I've been able to keep up with the daily events, on as well as off the catwalk, what the FROW (front row dwellers) wear is as important as what designers send down the runway these days. Fashion editors and celebrities alike nestle together in their current and future season attire, these people are under immense scrutiny from journalists and bloggers and their pictures feature in as glossy magazines as the models themselves. are the creme de la creme for me when it comes to staying in the loop, their catwalk reports and runway photographs are uploaded at the speed of light, and their commentary is honest & precise, just what i need, not yarns and yarns of pointless babble.  

Fashion week outfits require quite some thought for those who will be judged (buyers tend to play it safe, and wear a lot of black) some say the higher the heel the closer to heaven, in the case of fashion week, the higher the heel the closer to the top of the fashion food chain ie CEO/Editor as they are likely to have a car ferry them between shows (this isn't a set in stone rule of course, as I've spotted young bloggers in towering platforms, but its a good rule of thumb)

My pregnancy wardrobe for this buying season has at times really left me feeling flummoxed, i see myself one way in my head, but the reality is somewhat different, high heels, even wedges are just too uncomfortable for me to wear while i am running from appointment to appointment during 10hr days, i hate to sound defeatist but its true, thank god for my Acne boots are holding their relaunch party tonight at Sketch  my travel schedule meant i couldn't attend (yes i am a little crushed) and i am waiting with baited breath to see the pictures of the big event, through the voyeur's dream that is twitter i know CEO Sarah Curran chose to wear M Missoni, so just another 249 party attendees outfits to get the low down on, there i go again watching from afar!

I haven't finished going through the London Fashion Week shows, its quite a task, but have managed to watch a good selection, and have started logging my favourites, since i wont be pregnant by the time AW11 comes around i have been thinking about how many of the trends will fit into my new life as a working mum....its going to be a whole new world!!


Monday, 21 February 2011

What would you wear????

Now this piece is probably more suited to my friend over at as its about this years big weddings, but i am thinking more about the guest list than the bride. I refer of course to the battle of the Kates, Moss vs Middleton.

While i was in New York i lost count of the times i was asked about the Royal Wedding, the Americans refer to the princess in waiting as Katherine, and the hype about the occasion is incredible, if possible they are more excited stateside than we are. The US glossy magazines are gearing up for a blitz of coverage in March and April, Jewellery designers like Kenneth Jay Lane have been asked to select their fantasy wedding gift and replicas of the infamous engagement ring have been reproduced and sold in their thousands.

The invitations to the royal day have gone out (i wonder to they go 1st Class with Royal Mail?) and rumours are in overdrive that Mr & Mrs Beckham are on the guest list, even for a seasoned event dresser like Victoria Beckham, this will mean some extra planning protocol and the magnitude of the occasion must be considered., Mrs B knows better than to cause a spectacle, unlike Liz Hurley who once attended a friend wedding flashing leopard print knickers to the waiting paparazzi.

Although the eyes of the world maybe on William & Kates nuptials, the eyes of the fashion world will be firmly fixed on another Kates big day, the icon that is Kate Moss. Not only will we be feverishly looking to get a glimpse of the brides chosen dress, but the guests too, the star studded attendees from fashion and music will provide a mighty spectacle, i do hope she doesn't keep it all under wraps.

What does one wear to a wedding of someone with such style credentials, i would look to the bride her self for inspiration, some of my all time favourite outfits have been inspired by Ms Moss, this velvet cape she wore to the 2008 wedding of Rock royalty Leah Wood, led me to pick up a label called Kite & Butterfly, who do amazing fringed devore capes (available at

In 2nd place i couldn't decide between the following 2 outfits, both pretty for summer weddings, and the latter even works with my all i need is the invitation!


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Beauty Matters

Have been in New York a few days now, and now have a fully fledged cold, red nose and all.
Now in New York this usually doesn't pose a problem to me, i would pay a visit to my reliable friend Duane Reade (the pharmacist from heaven) and stock up on what ever drugs necessary to get me back on my feet, followed by a trip to Vitamin Shoppe for some high voltage vitamin C, i usually rattle around Manhattan filled with remedies, but this time i have to grin and bear it.
I turned to Google (other wise known as my mobile physician) and looked up what i can take to help me feel better, the options during pregnancy were fresh orange juice and rest....not easy with my work schedule.
I must have been feeling very sorry for myself yesterday morning when the waiter brought breakfast to my room (i admit i have a tendency to walk with a self pitying stoop when i am sick) as he asked me if i wasn't feeling well to which i unashamedly replied "no, i am not, i have a cold and a cough". On my return to the room last night i was greeted by a tray of herbal teas, mini pots of honey and lemon slices, and a note to wish me get well soon...blame the pregnancy, or maybe i was tired, but i burst into sobs of tears of gratitude, God Bless America !

The changes in my appearance are sometimes a bit of a shock to me, not just the growing bump, but when i catch glimpse's of my self in the mirror i actually think i look totally different than the not pregnant me. Not long after finding out i was expecting i had a fringe cut in, i felt like i needed more hair covering my face to combat the days i look particularly tired, this in hindsight may have been an irrational move my fringe now frames my more filled out cheeks......but does come in handy when disguising my dark circles.

I have to admit being surrounded by wafer thin models on a daily basis, parading through in incredible samples size clothes has got me feeling a little frumpy..towering heels and leather trousers don't feature in my pregnancy wardrobe (Victoria Beckham doesn't seem to be having a problem rocking them at 4 months gone) i have been thinking about other ways to make me feel nice.......

My friend arrived in New York last night, so we took our annual trip to the nearest Spa Belle for a Manhattan style mani / pedi, i was feeling more in need of pampering that usual so decided to go for the full spa pedicure where i was soaked, scrubbed and slathered in lotion from the knee down...bliss

On a day to day basis, other than my skin care regime i am not very high maintenance, eyelash extensions and false nails haven't featured for some time, so while i was there i started looking at what else i could have "done". Now i am no stranger to the beauticians chair, but this time i started thinking about the long term, when the baby arrives, i am going to have very little time, so anything that needs regular upkeep wont work, no one wants to see a new mum with spidery false eyelashes hanging off and a patchy spray tan, its not what mother nature intended.

As if on cue, i turned on the television and Death Becomes her was on, for those who haven't seen this movie, its a comedy with Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn who are desperately trying to achieve eternal beauty...very funny and usually wouldn't contain any hidden messages, but this time it made me feel guilty for trying to prettify my pregnant self instead of concentrating on keeping my self in tip top health...fresh orange juice and rest here i come.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The city so great they named it twice

New York, New York is my home for the next week, a trip i do seasonally as part of my job, only this time its a little different, i have company, the bump. (My little unborn will be a seasoned traveller before the day of its birth)
I heart New York, even when i come here alone, the people are so friendly and i never tire of walking past sites i recognise from movies (and Sex & the City!)

From the moment i boarded the plane i knew this trip wasn't going to be like the previous visits, no little glass of fizz to settle into my flight, when i arrived at the hotel at midnight no sleeping tablet to combat the jet lag, the following morning, no turbo charged coffee to kick start the day.........and finally no end of day Mojito...i hadn't realised my New York trips ticked so many naughty boxes !

New York calls for its female residents to be polished, there are more nail bars in Manhattan per square metre than in Liverpool, and that's a lot. It also seems to call for heels, i see more women in perilous heels here than in London, and not of the platform variety, thin stiletto heels with a thin sole, hard core.

New York like London also has a postcode divide that affects the way you dress, uptown vs downtown. Uptown Manhattan ladies are likely to be sharper dressers, coordinating their outfits with accessories, and possibly even wear more high end designer labels, Downtown dwellers on the flip side are likely to be more adventerous, fashion forward, wearing contemporary labels and, mixing them up with vintage with confidence.

I took a quick spin today around Barneys coop, the uptown store that boasts a downtown feel, the department stores here are loving the French labels as much as the rest of the world right now, Isabel Marant and Carven featured heavily, but it was American label Vince that took pride of place, not to mention more space than any other label. Its easy to wear, stylish knitwear and jersey is according to the Barneys changing room assistant  "selling its self" so i indulged in a little trying on session, and planned my dream post baby wardrobe, filled with cashmere mix seperates!!!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

This seasons colours

My job allows me to be privy to the upcoming trends well in advance. For Summer 2011 the magazines are featuring bright block colour, as seen on the runway at Prada, among others, and as I am expecting a summer baby, June to be exact, the timing will be just right to introduce a splash of colour, am thinking tangerine orange, hot pink or maybe ocean blue.....

I have allowed myself to begin looking at baby furniture, in the words of Stevie Wonder, i am Very Superstitious, before now felt i was tempting fate, i still do a little. But in the next few weeks i will be travelling so much with work that February and March will be over , so little by little i am introducing myself to the world of baby brands. 

No matter what the product is, nothing is safe from the hierarchy system branding creates, baby stuff is no exception, as i am discovering. Brands previously unknown to me, such as Bloom, Stokke and Bugaboo are now being bounded around like new comers at London Fashion Week. 

Price structure too works in exactly the same way, there are designer brands, which are top end, if they were a fashion brand they would show in Paris, contemporary, which is still high price point but more accessible, and i have even discovered the baby equivalent of the high street, own branded products at affordable prices but without the aspirational feel, and just like fashion all of these brands are available to buy on-line, making browsing easy. But I am new to this game, and being a buyer being at a loss as to what choice to make feels foreign to me, are there trends in the baby world? Will the other mums snigger at me if i make the wrong choice? oh the pressure!!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Hero

Its Valentines weekend and the shops are filled with present ideas, Chocolates, Champagne, Flowers and underwear, in my current condition, Chocolates are a daily occurrence, Champagne is off the menu, my recent hospital stay earned me several bunches of flowers and as for underwear, i have just purchased new bra`s, (less Agent Provocateur more Granny chic) Now, my beloved and I aren't avid followers of the feast of St.Valentines but this year he bought me the most thoughtful present ever..............

I have lusted over many things in the past, shoes, handbags, even kitchen utensils (i have a particular weakness for anything by JosephJoseph) but the discomfort i am experiencing when trying to sleep has led me to lust after something a whole lot more......comfortable

I was presented with my Valentines present early, thankfully, as its mere existence in my life has brought me joy, even my boyfriend was surprised at my delighted response

Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

This funny looking snake shaped pillow has to be used to be appreciated. I have always slept on my front, with my fully rounded bump this is impossible, as not only is it uncomfortable but i find myself levitating above the bed.

Know someone who is pregnant?? Make their Valentines Day and buy them one of these. Sleep Tight

The pregnant princess

Pregnancy is a funny thing, warned by my doctor not to lift a lot after my little op I have found people in general being wonderfully helpful and almost stern in their pursuit to stop me straining myself. 

I regularly have a little suitcase in tow, my working week is in London while my weekends are spent in the place I call home, Liverpool, add this to my various international buying trips you could say I get around a bit. 

I've tried to keep what I carry to a minimum, a laptop and a handbag, but this week I am off to New York where its minus temperatures require the bump to be well layered to keep warm, so am taking a few things home from London (I pack in Liverpool, complicated I know but stay with me) 

So, I cram my little suitcase with required high tog items and call a cab to take me the short distance from my London home to the local train station, now this particular morning I decided to not to wear my usual pregnancy work uniform of maxi dress and cropped jacket, in favour of an Acne dress I am rather fond of, black of course, above the knee, Aline, but more importantly to the story, loose with varying levels of layers all over. 

My taxi arrived and so I popped my case outside the front door and went to grab my handbag, when the driver didn't retrieve my case and put it in the boot, I assumed he hadn't seen it, so I politely asked him if he would bring it down the stairs and put it in the boot, he got out of the car, and I saw the look, the look that told me knew couldn't tell I was pregnant, the look that said he thought "why would a young able bodied young woman not be able to lift this minuscule object?"(now the case is small but deceivingly heavy) that's when I knew I had made a huge wardrobe error, on a day when I needed pregnant woman induced chivalry I had unwittingly hidden by secret weapon, my bump. 

And so it began, at the train station I stood at the top of the staircase and when a helpful looking gentleman came along I asked him would he mind helping with my case, first came the look, then loud and clearly audible tut/huff, he took my case, but unlike previous occasions when my bump was clearly visible there was no "yeah no problem" . Usually my case is whisked away and given back to me at the bottom of the stairs with an understanding smile or a "there you go luv", this makes me feel better for asking a complete stranger to help me with something that's totally not their responsibility. 
But this time, said gentleman took the case, left it at the bottom, and walked away without waiting for my thanks, I was mortified, its not his fault of course, he didn't know my predicament, It was hidden under several layers of Swedish design, he probably thought, who does this Scouse princess think she is asking me to carry her case??? and I wouldn't blame him! 

Now London gets a bad rap, most visitors to the capital mention the lack of manners they experience when using public transport, the pushing and shoving on the tube, and more importantly the fact hardly anyone uses the words please, thank you or even sorry when they elbow you in the ribs. 
The uncivilised way commuters are forced to travel around London squashed into one another does not inspire goodwill, and furthermore in the defence of native Londoners, one third of people living in the capital were born abroad, so the chances of bumping into someone who was born under the bow bells are slim. 

Anyway, my day pretty much followed the same pattern, with my bump under wraps my damsel in distress act was dismissed, i was even asked by a supplier if i had a big lunch!

The moral of this story is when pregnant, do the right thing, wear clothes that show off your bum it generally ensures you a seat on the train/tube/bus and prevents any misunderstandings about your expanding shape! 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The first event of spring

One of the favourite traits of my fellow Liverpool ladies is the effort and planning that goes into various events, most of all the outfits. It is at this time of year, that thoughts turn to the years social calender, and for a large majority it starts with Ladies Day at Aintree races, home of the Grand National (which for those unfamiliar with horse racing is commonly known as the worlds greatest steeplechase)

Ladies Day for me always signals the beginning of spring, swiftly followed by Easter, both of which if you are a native liverpudlian indicate the turn around in your wardrobe from Winter to Summer (this is with a total disregard for the actual temperature outside) which may seem crazy, but at least you know exactly where you are, its like an unwritten rule..Grand National weekend = Summer Clothes....I imagine in other parts of the country, women hesitate about when is the right time to debut their new spring summer wardrobe, as lets be honest we don't get any good weather until at least June!

I wont be attending Ladies day, not just because of my pregnancy induced sobriety but because a day like that takes stamina, 10 + hours on 5" heels is army standard endurance! But i love hearing about people outfits, so much thought goes into the look for this one day, retailers and dress makers must hold this particular occasion on the same level of importance as christmas, from high street to designer, vintage to bespoke, the liverpool lovelies leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the right frock!

There is however one part of this whole occasion that annually makes me fly into a rage, the vile, catty and offensive coverage of Ladies day by some national press. Year after year they select innocent victims to publicly humiliate by printing unflattering photographs of them, unlike wannabe celebrities, these women haven't put them selves in the public eye, they are merely enjoying a day out with friends.

My main issue is that no single magazine or newspaper covers Ladies day fashion in a fair and objective way, i would love for just one fashion journalist to showcase and highlight some of the best outfits, rather than focusing on the worst.

This year we have the ultimate fairytale fashion event to look forward to, a royal wedding, now this is one frock i cannot wait to see

Monday, 7 February 2011

The Object of my Desire

Only those living in my home town (of Liverpool) will appreciate where i eventually found the object of my desire, the dark chocolate sensation i have been craving for the last 2 weeks. Home & Bargain, home of cheap toilet rolls and Mr Muscle for £1......i had to share my joy in eventually satisfying my craving for these toffee treats, and in true Home & Bargain style they were i stocked up.

Download photo.JPG (140.6 KB)

i even have a little song i like to sing whilst devouring my new favourite food.....i hope you like it

I digress, after helping my sister choose an outfit for her Saturday night on the town , i have to admit to feeling a little fed up with the limitations on my wardrobe. A jumpsuit is totally out of the question during my pregnancy, a bump causes some serious issues in the crotch area, which is a real shame since there are so many amazing `70s inspired versions around for this Spring Summer. Flares too are just not going to work for me either, which is a personal disappointment, my job inevitably leads to me to have wish list, top of this list was a pair of MIH Marrakesh jeans, which will now have to wait in the wings till at least July...when i will immediately spring back to my pre-pregnancy weight.....wont i ???
The ever reliable Google provided me with some comfort, AKA pictures of stylish looking pregnant women...this is my recent No.1

Nicole Ritchie, a layering master at work 

I saw a great picture of another pregnant LA resident, now i know i said i wasn't going to use celebrities as a bench mark, but minus the heels (which are too high to be practical for me) i thought her look was simple and very flattering on her growing bump

Rachel Zoe 

Sunday, 6 February 2011

It hadnt even crossed my mind!

On my way to Copenhagen, I wandered into the Harrods store at Heathrow Terminal 5, only to be faced with rows upon rows of bikinis, kaftan's  and every manner of cover up known to woman ( complete with bells, shells and whistles, this was Harrods after all) There i was innocently browsing the rails, admiring the brightly coloured pieces of holiday wardrobe heaven, when it dawned on me...i cant wear any of them!

I have been harping on and on and about wanting a beach holiday before D Day, having some sun on my bones as well as the possibility of a healthy looking tan are hugely appealing. I hadn't given a minutes thought to the fact swimwear would be on the menu, i don't even know if maternity swimwear exists? More importantly is sun bathing when pregnant allowed?? I have seen pregnant celebrities on the beach, but you cant take a blind bit of notice to what they do, as civilian rules don't apply to them.

Needless to say i left the store empty handed, with a tinge of sadness, some of the swimwear looked like sultry dental floss draped around the hanger, with nothing more than an eye patch of fabric to cover your modesty, will i ever be able to wear anything like that again ? Not that i wore anything so racy on the beach  before i fell pregnant, I am a modest bandeau bikini wearer, but when you can`t wear  or eat something you want it more....which explains my occasional craving for shellfish and soft poached eggs (not together), both of which are on the naughty food list during pregnancy.

Speaking of cravings, i have had my first one, toffee, specifically Reisen dark chocolate toffees, nothing else will do, the problem i have is my body has chosen to crave something that isn't available at your average sweet shop. One night last week we drove to 4 different shops in the hope they would stock this elusive chocolate covered treat, with no luck, if you have ever had a pregnancy craving you will understand my frustration....i promptly took myself off to bed feeling totally irrational but very sorry for myself, why could my craving not be for something easy to obtain and healthy like ice or tangerines?? Although i guess i should count myself lucky, a colleagues mother craved carpet underlay!! It must have tasted horrific, but at least it was calorie free!  

Am 21 weeks now, and our baby is the length of a carrot, i like having a point of reference for the size, but does it always have to be a vegetable? I can feel him/her moving around all the time, they started as random flutters and are now regular little thumps, which come more frequently when i am relaxing or trying to sleep, i think baby is preparing me for what lies ahead, sleepless nights and no "me" time!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Home of the Beautiful People

By Malene Birger Spring Summer 2011. A dress fit for a bump? I think so.

I am off to Copenhagen Fashion Week in Denmark tomorrow, the place i call "home of the beautiful people" no where else on my travels do i see so many naturally beauties. California may be wall to wall with attractive people, with their gym honed bodies and beachy waves, but there must be something in the water that makes the Scandinavians so fresh faced and bright eyed, and i am yet to spot a hint of false tan nor a chemically straightened follicle, their "look" isn't about that, I wonder what they make of Gypsy Weddings? 
From a style point of view, less is most certainly more for Nordic, Swedish and Danish fashionistas, they aren't slaves to trends, favouring muted colours and simple shapes, layering is key with scarves featuring heavily. They are also a very loyal bunch, home grow brands such as By Malene Birger, Acne, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, flourish.
This time my professional eye will be firmly fixed on 3 things, finding the next big brand, emerging trends and last but not the Scandinavian women dress to flatter their bumps, fingers crossed i see plenty of fellow mums to be!