Sunday, 6 February 2011

It hadnt even crossed my mind!

On my way to Copenhagen, I wandered into the Harrods store at Heathrow Terminal 5, only to be faced with rows upon rows of bikinis, kaftan's  and every manner of cover up known to woman ( complete with bells, shells and whistles, this was Harrods after all) There i was innocently browsing the rails, admiring the brightly coloured pieces of holiday wardrobe heaven, when it dawned on me...i cant wear any of them!

I have been harping on and on and about wanting a beach holiday before D Day, having some sun on my bones as well as the possibility of a healthy looking tan are hugely appealing. I hadn't given a minutes thought to the fact swimwear would be on the menu, i don't even know if maternity swimwear exists? More importantly is sun bathing when pregnant allowed?? I have seen pregnant celebrities on the beach, but you cant take a blind bit of notice to what they do, as civilian rules don't apply to them.

Needless to say i left the store empty handed, with a tinge of sadness, some of the swimwear looked like sultry dental floss draped around the hanger, with nothing more than an eye patch of fabric to cover your modesty, will i ever be able to wear anything like that again ? Not that i wore anything so racy on the beach  before i fell pregnant, I am a modest bandeau bikini wearer, but when you can`t wear  or eat something you want it more....which explains my occasional craving for shellfish and soft poached eggs (not together), both of which are on the naughty food list during pregnancy.

Speaking of cravings, i have had my first one, toffee, specifically Reisen dark chocolate toffees, nothing else will do, the problem i have is my body has chosen to crave something that isn't available at your average sweet shop. One night last week we drove to 4 different shops in the hope they would stock this elusive chocolate covered treat, with no luck, if you have ever had a pregnancy craving you will understand my frustration....i promptly took myself off to bed feeling totally irrational but very sorry for myself, why could my craving not be for something easy to obtain and healthy like ice or tangerines?? Although i guess i should count myself lucky, a colleagues mother craved carpet underlay!! It must have tasted horrific, but at least it was calorie free!  

Am 21 weeks now, and our baby is the length of a carrot, i like having a point of reference for the size, but does it always have to be a vegetable? I can feel him/her moving around all the time, they started as random flutters and are now regular little thumps, which come more frequently when i am relaxing or trying to sleep, i think baby is preparing me for what lies ahead, sleepless nights and no "me" time!!

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