Thursday, 31 March 2011

A rod for my own back!

Another week into my pregnancy, another load of clothes i cant fit into anymore, so i took myself (and the boyfriend, its his problem too!) off high street shopping to try and pad out my wardrobe with inexpensive items to pair with my existing separates for the next 12 weeks.

I heard a filthy rumour Zara does maternity wear called Zara Mama, but have so far failed to find anything baring this label, so i took myself AGAIN to H&M Mama, where i have already successfully bought a soft denim shirt dress for £24.99 & Topshop Maternity, where so far i have been unsuccessful in finding anything.

This looks like a great shape maxi dress for £14.99 from H&M Mama, i havent seen this in store on my numerous visits, but its available to buy online (dont you LOVE the internet!)

I know i made a rod for my own back starting a blog, i don't regret it, but i do feel under a certain degree of pressure to find the solution to one or two pregnancy style problems, by hook or by crook!

My Bug bears about Maternity Wear

* I am pregnant, this does not instantly make me middle aged, whats with the crazy mid knee hem lines?
* Maxi dresses. where are they all?? its not difficult, a well cut version in a fairly thick fabric is very useful
* We need bottom halves, not just leggings, not just jeans, and please stop with the cargo trousers!!
* I have a job, therefore i need work wear, any chance? No, flammable versions will not do
* Pregnant women have slightly higher temperatures, please stop with the man made fibres!!

Personal pregnancy style limitations i have come to terms with

* Fringing. I cant do fringing, not sure why i even tried but i looked like an crazed rodeo fan
* Jersey isn't necessarily a bumps best friend, it has to be a little thicker than your average to be flattering, it isn't just my bump that's grown bigger
* My feet have officially grown nearly half a size bigger, making heels with a bar over the toes uncomfortable not to mention unflattering, and i am NOT going to invest in bigger shoes until i know its a permanent growth
* I have wanted a bigger bust ever since i was a teenager, now i have one and its accompanied by a bump i realise its not all its cracked up to be, and i am NOT the cleavage baring type, Holly Willoughby ( or Willo-booby as she is called on Celebrity Juice) is a brave lady.

A couple of items i have bought that i would recommend to other bumps

* H&M Mama do a long black sleeveless tank/vest in a breathable fabric with a panel that fits perfectly around your bump and doesn't rise up for £9.00
* M&S do great "no VPL" boy shorts in black & white which are usually on offer for 3 pairs for £10
My pregnancy has up to now been during the winter months, so black tights have been a staple, and only at 5 half - 6 months did my Falke 100 denier tights become impractical, but before that the high waist and well cut shape was perfect, definitely a good investment (even for non pregnant ladies)

Sale shopping has helped me to keep my maternity spend down, but i am very strict, and only bought practical items in multiples where possible, my best buys were 3 black jersey maxi dresses from Topshop reduced to £5

I have 11 weeks to go, and those in the know have told me the coming weeks will prove my most challenging yet, the books and baby centre emails tell me i am due to put on at least another 11lbs.....i promise to be honest and confess if pyjamas and velour bottoms become wardrobe staples, but i also promise to do my very best to ensure they don't!!

Watch this space

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


My pain threshold is zero, nada, nil. I wince and squeal in agony far too easily. So child birth was looking at being particularly tricky for me.

I have learnt women LOVE to share their birth stories, the more horrific, graphic and painful sounding the better, this has done nothing to calm my nerves and my initial thoughts were to automatically opt for the maximum level of pain relief available to me, but then i realised this won’t prevent me needing an episiotomy, for those lucky enough to be blissful unaware of this procedure it basically means your lady parts are cut during labour) Nothing will/can prevent this happening but i did feel the need to look into birthing methods that may be less.....aggressive

The long & the short of it is i have decided to opt for Hypno birthing, a movement first written about in 1942, which has proven scientific findings that show hypno birthing can reduce the time in labour, lessen the need for pain relief and medical intervention, and generally ensure the whole birth is less stressful, dare i say it possibly even enjoyable. For the record hypnobirthing is NHS recognised, and isn’t a replacement for medical attention, i will give birth in hospital and accept any help, even aesthetic if necessary, the idea of this is to make the birth calmer and easier, not to be a Martyr!!

I had my first session last week, first of all i was shown breathing techniques designed to release tension and anxiety, i had no idea i took such short breaths, i actually felt light headed when i breathed using my full lung capacity. Next i was introduced to self hypnosis, a process which sees you talked through a relaxing journey, mine was through a Rainforest onto a perfect beach, feeling the sun on my face and the sand between my was amazing, somewhere i would like to take myself regularly, and all it was all in my head, incredible really. The whole experience has made me really excited about the rest of the course, and has left me in utter wonder about the female body, what a clever machine it is, perfectly built to handle pregnancy and prepare for VERY new age i sound??

all together now.....ooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Faux Maintenance

I fight a constant battle with myself about being vain. I have the same desire as most women to look attractive, and think its only polite to make the most of what mother nature has given me. I would love to be taller, particularly to have longer (leaner, toned) legs, and could go on to list the improvements i would make to myself if it were possible, but i wont. But these feelings run in tandem with how grateful i am for having my health and mobility, whenever i find myself feeling sorry for myself for not having supermodel proportions or exotic looks it seems i am confronted with someone / something that reminds me how lucky i am, be it someone with a disability or disfiguired through illness or an accident, a heady sense of reality and guilt sweeps over me, most recently with programmes such as my beautiful friends, which features Katie Piper the model horrifically attacked with Acid leaving her permanently scarred. So what i am about to discuss isnt without fear of sounding vacuous or conceited.

I have always faked being high maintenance, a few heated rollers here, an eyebrow tint there, but i have never had the patience nor the energy to be truly polished. Its something i believe either you or or you arent, and i admit, with a heavy heart, I am not. This is something that i am perfectly happy with until i am confronted with someone who is the the epitomy of preened perfection, with manicured nails, perfectly coiffed hair and experty applied make-up, in the presence of someone like this, i feel like a tramp. And the worst of it?? its all my own fault, i know how much time and effort these beautiful creatures put into looking this way, am sure they wouldnt profess to rolling out of bed looking this way, if i was to sacrafice that extra hour in bed to make time for a blow dry, i too could join the church of the high maintenance.

There are 2 arguments for this, one being that its not "cool" to be polished, that a down town look doesnt call for colour co-ordinated nails and tamed follicles, I have never got the chipped nail polish and laddered tights look, i used to dab clear nail polish on my snagged tights to avoid further disaster, so its a mystery to me but i dont necessarily think polished has to mean prissy, nor does being low maintenence mean looking like a bag lady, subtly cared for cuticles have the same effect on me, some of the women i would put in the polished bracket would hate to be thought of as "done up"

I wonder where it all starts, is it a self esteem thing? Maybe the more confident ones are the women who step out wearing minimal make up and flat shoes? or is that an excuse for those of us who dont grin and bear 5" heels for the sake of their leg lengthening benefits? I am a fully fledged daytime flat wearer, I blame London, the tube, the walk to the station, i blame ANYTHING that lets me off the hook, i admit i am ashamed of myself, i spent years mastering the art of walking and driving in perilously high heels, even my boss reminds me i used to be a lot more hardcore when it comes to footwear (she is a 5" heel wearing devotee, who balks at the idea of wearing a ballet pump in public)

It was the sight of Abbey Clancy, snapped shopping 11 days after giving birth to her daughter looking spectacular in spray on jeans, high heeled Isabel Marant boots with her hair  blow dried, that started this debate, if you can be glam days after giving birth you have what it takes.

I have begun to remember my pre pregnancy body & weight a lot more favourably, repeatedly asking the boyfriend if he think i will snap back to my previous shape, as if i looked like Elle Macpherson and i actually did any exercise, whilst i am carrying his child he doesnt dare set me straight, he wouldnt want to burst my dillusional bubble...bless him

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Shake what ya mamma gave ya

Ive been thinking this week about the immense responsibility i have bestowed upon me by not only carrying a child but raising it too...its shocking that you have to have a licence to drive, scuba dive, have a television, you even need a license to keep a pet in European countries, yet anyone can decide to have a baby, even me!

I am taking fish oil during my pregnancy to aid my babies brain development, but then when the baby arrives its back over to me and baby daddy to ensure our little one gets the necessary stimulation to be able to develop. From building his/her vocabulary, to teaching them to walk and read, not to mention choosing a school, its all feels like a lot of pressure, exciting but scary.

To add worry to my increasingly furrowed brow, it dawned on me my little one`s personality and behaviour will be affected by me, baby daddy and the way we act around and treat them. Its easy for me to look at other parents in the street scolding their screaming child and cast dispersions on the desperate souls on episodes of SuperNanny failing to discipline their young, scarily now, the last laugh will be on me. Discipline is another thing i am keeping my opinions to myself on until i have mastered the art and have a perfectly behaved angel child!

One thing i am certain of is if not personality, then good taste (or lack of it) for things like music for example can most certainly be influenced by your parents, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason for my penchant for Patsy Cline other than the fact my mum liked her (I am particularly partial to a spot of Craaaaaaazy) whilst one of my childhood friends is blessed with an amazing eclectic musical ear thanks to her Dad (my schizophrenic musical taste spans from X Factor contestants to the Beatles) Thank Heavens then the Ying to my Yang  (Boyfriend) has great taste in music, so that's one less thing for me to worry about.

I keep meaning to write a list of the things i want to make sure i teach my off-spring, the qualities encouraged by my parents that i believe have made me a better person, things like compassion and forgiveness (i NEVER go to bed on an arguement, after my mum told me the story of the old couple who rowed, went to bed not speaking, and the man died in his sleep having never kissed and made up...probably a lie, but it stuck with me none the less)

Then there are smaller things like the the importance of good table manners and remembering to cleanse and moisturise, both equally important for different reasons.

What life lessons (however big or small) did your parents teach you that have stuck with you to this day? I would love to add the good ones to my list.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Never say never

Do you ever impose a rule on yourself that you grow to resent ? I made a promise to myself i wouldn't buy any specific-to-maternity clothes, i felt i was cheating, that i should have been able to get through my pregnancy by adapting "normal" clothes, I have tried all possible permutations, but a recent mini shopping trip exposed a glaring flaw in my master plan.
There have been a few solid wardrobe essentials i have been able to rely on...until cover my ever expanding bump, am 27 weeks now, with baby approximately the weight of a head of cauliflower, 2lbs to be precise.
My most recent finding is maxi dresses need to be cut with a slight a-line, as straight up and down styles hug me in all the wrong places, not only does my VPL become public property, the ever popular racer back styles the high street churn out are deeply unflattering on my arms, I made a guilty purchase on my recent trip in New York, i snapped up this T  by Alexander Wang dress from Barneys Co-op, which was expensive, but worth its weight in gold, flattering, comfortable and i have worn in so many times already its cost-per-wear just keeps dropping.,default,pd.html

Top wise its easy to find long length versions, particularly in jersey, but i feel they need more than length, shape is important too (don't be fooled by pictures of pregnant Victoria Beckham in her just-on-the right-side-of-baggy-t-shirts) the problem i have is bottom halves...the options now are EXTREMELY limited...maternity jeans, maternity trousers or leggings, skirts don't work, at all, i attempted to wear my favourite pleated Acne maxi skirt for a night out this weekend, thinking i could pair it with long black top. Hair and make up done, i confidently pulled on my skirt and positioned it under my best description would be that i looked like a deranged belly dancer , all i needed was a veil and a belt of gold  coins, i didn't even show the Boyfriend, i couldn't face his uncontrollable laughter at my naive attempt to incorporate my old favourites into my pregnancy wardrobe.

Not quite the look i was going for

Anyway, my rule, the self imposed ban i placed on myself on buying purpose built maternity clothes, i have broken it. Do i feel pathetic and weak ? No actually, i feel empowered and VERY excited to show off my new coming soon to a blog near you

Friday, 18 March 2011

Do i make you

This week has been a trying one, pregnancy hasn't agreed with me for the past few days and has led to me feeling completely out of sorts, I've been assured my hormones are almost certainly to blame, so my guess is they are also to blame for my random outbursts of tears and self pity, which in turn lead me to feel guilty as I know how privileged I am to be blessed with I said I am all over the place!

The weather seems to be warming up, which I am grateful for, mainly because it means I have to think less about heavy coats and layering, which add bulk to my already enlarged shape, but also because the less I need to pack when shuttling from north to south on a weekly basis the better. Its time for me to start thinking about dressing the bump for Spring, how will i manage to wear less black, its my staple, pregnant or not, But i must embrace colour, block colour, maybe i can wear one colour the bump can wear another?? I long to wear canary yellow high waisted trousers with a skinny belt, or leather shorts and a sweater but i cant (for now) so i have turned my attention to more practical items........ 

Fine Gauge Double Belted Dress by Vanessa Bruno AthéBeauty Tote by Anya HindmarchBaniel Soft Striped Cropped Cardigan by By Malene Birger

Delicious don't you think ?? the sweater dress  is angora mix, i like things to feel soft, and the belt is suede, so its got a touch of luxury. The Bag i just love, for laptop now and picnics in summer. I really want to wear Horizontal stripes, but have been worried will they work? i wouldn't want to resemble a portly sailor, so i opted for a striped cardigan, my ability to compromise astounds even me sometimes! All the above from

Its been a busy old week in planet pregnancy this week, abbey clancy has given birth to a little girl, Kelly Brook confirmed she is pregnant and Victoria Beckham confirmed she is having a girl (in my head I still call her posh spice, I went through my teens with her pouting and pointing as a spice girl, and even bought her OK magazine wedding special whilst on holiday in Ibiza!)

How amazing Mr & Mrs Beckham are finally having a girl after 3 boys, I would love to know if they used any new fangled fertility treatments to increase the possibility, although was she not rich & famous i imagine i would put it down to nothing more than lady luck, i love that Journalist Laura Craik told Posh during an interview her sophisticated theory on predicting the babies gender was how regularly a woman needed to shave/wax during her pregnancy, less frequently indicates a girl apparently, needless to say Posh was less than impressed, god forbid people should know her body functions like other mere mortals...excess hair? how repulsive and common! Dr Craik, gender prediction extraordinaire was asked to leave...genius!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Baby Bores

Read (another) article this weekend about the attack of the baby bores, namely celebrity new mums releasing their baby monologues (Myleene Klass, Denise Van Outen etc etc) the journalist actually went as far as to ask if perhaps first time mums are obsessed in their pregnancies and think that they are "the creators of the universe" Rude? maybe a little, True? totally. Its hard not to be, not a day goes by when you don't have a twinge, pain, movement, discomfort or a scenario which reminds you what your body is going through, physical & mentally, whether it be passing on yet another cold inviting looking glass of vino, or the fact your sleep is disturbed by a kick or even the random bouts of emotion brought on by raging hormones.
Add to this the fact every single pregnancy is different, my little unborn has taken to doing full on somersaults in my womb, which looks like a 3D movie from the outside, other mums have said their kicks stayed under control and were pleasant and comforting, i think my baby may already be into body popping or break dancing. I am one of six children, so my mum knows a fair bit about pregnancy, i often think its a shame she didn't write a book, i think it would have been a best seller, her approach is very relaxed, i actually think she is a closet hippy, as not once has she shared a horror story about birth or pregnancy, she makes it sound like it was a bit of a breeze, or perhaps she just didn't make a song & dance about it like me, but she says one thing is for sure, if men had to do it, the population would be a lot smaller! controversial maybe, but who cares...its not like it can be disproved!!! I think i may get Joan to write down her Top 10 pregnancy tips......its never too late to get a book deal!

On top of the emotional rollercoaster i am on at the moment, i am growing at a rate that feels out of control. I have grown out of my dressing gown, it used to be a wrap over, now it meets at the seams. I put away 2 tops on saturday that fitted over my bump just 2 weeks ago, one of which actually made me cry as i remembered i used to wear it as a dress, and used to think it made my head look small because it was so baggy, i tried it on (why do i punish myself???) with the intention of layering it, i looked like i was smuggling a bowling ball swathed in chambray, i dont ever want to see that dress again until it makes my head look small again.

I see Rachel Zoe is opting for head to toe black to get her through her 3rd trimester, which is comforting to mere mortals like me, she has access to every maxi / empire / Aline dress and stretchy pant ever made yet she chooses the easy route, simple black layering, albeit she finished her emsemble off with super high leopard print Brian Atwood booties, which has had people calling for her head on a chopping board for being irresponsible whils pregnant...whats the problem here?? She is a top Hollywood stylist whose look is her fortune, she probably isnt walking further than a few metres from a car into her destination, its not like she is wearing them to do the weekly shop or run for the bus, AND she has a crutch to steady her in the form of her boyfriend....i think they should give the girl a break!!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Benchmark

I don't own a set of scales. never have, i have always used my skinny jeans as a benchmark, hence my jeans all being in storage since i was 10 weeks pregnant. Last week after a particularly heavy Croissant binge in Paris i decided i would see what i actually weigh, and jumped on my mums scales. They are clearly broken, i don't want to discuss details, but there is no way i actually weigh that much...mother i think you need a new battery.... i have 3 months to go, and people tell me i have the largest weight gain in front of me, now i never use this particular phrase, but in replacement of a profanity. OMG

Now in fairness people have been very kind re my appearance, telling me (now please try not to laugh if these are the usual words of comfort you receive in pregnancy) that i look really well and pregnancy suits me, one woman even told me i looked beautiful pregnant, she is French, so perhaps a little loose with such a compliment, where as in English she actually meant nice/cute/quite pretty, but she didn't she said beautiful, such an under used word don't you think?? one usually saved for brides and gardens.....i plan to use it more often, instead of my usual gorgeous/lovely/ really made an impression on me!!

Back to the weight situation. Or should i say weight & size. A friend sent me the link to this article

The hormone they discuss is one produced by pregnant women, which tells their brain they are full, apparently women are using this hormone to allow them selves to consume only 500 calories a day
500?????????? Show me a pregnant woman who consumes only 500 calories a day, and i will show you a fibber (i was temped to say i would show you a manicured middle finger but that's a bit uncouth for a pregnant lady isn't it??)
My body is demanding carbohydrates in a way i have never experienced before, call it gluttony, call it greed, call it what you like, i call it fuel. A taxi driver asked me yesterday what my cravings were and i had to be totally honest, i haven't had any recently, not cravings, just moments of fancying certain foods, mainly beige foods, croissants and crumpets with copious amounts of jam, oh and potato cakes and sui mai, not together or with jam. Obviously i intersperse these beige foods with healthy and wholesome foods, but i am a little perturbed i haven't been given a strange fat free craving, friends of mine craved dust/charcoal even ice.....but me?? i want a Crunchie Ice cream.

Yesterday i was asked how many actual maternity clothes i had bought. the answer is Zero. I have resisted the urge or necessity and am rather proud of myself, i have adapted jersey, learnt the art of clever layering and even have a spring wish list of things from  that i know will work and be practical post bump, maxi dresses, jewelled sandals and some knitwear. I also refuse point blank to succumb to buying a belly band. . My apologies to all those who have recommended one, but i cant do it out of principle. I must find a way of getting through the next 3 months using alternative methods of dressing my bump, the bump boob tube isn't on my wish list.  Nor is this final suggestion (from a man, in fashion) which i guess was designed to detract attention from my body....."why dont you wear something interesting on your head?? erm like what, a fascinator like Anna Dello Russo? a lobster a la Lady GaGa? or maybe i am being too sensitive and he actually meant a nice fedora. I will keep you posted

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Should you keep it under your hat ??

I was sent a link today about how Facebook (or rather Facebooks robots who patrol the site for indecent or offensive material) are deleting images uploaded by pregnant women, namely pregnant women in a state of undress. One particular link included images of celebrities posing in all their enceinte glory, from Demi Moore in the famous Vanity Fair shoot to Christina Aguilera naked but for a leather biker jacket on the cover of Marie Claire and Britney Spears in a more risque pose in Q magazine, sucking provocatively on a lollipop, perma tanned in a polka dot bikini!5776685/why-is-facebook-deleting-photos-of-pregnant-women

Facebook have defended their actions saying their policy prohibits nudity, but do the same rules apply to pictures of scantily clad women posting pictures in their underwear / bikinis??, i have seen plenty of pictures of wannabe models on the pages of Facebook, is it that a pregnant women posing for pictures semi naked causes offense? or perhaps people are just uncomfortable with it ? 

I can understand people saying somethings are private and should stay private, the blog (link above) speaks of women uploading of their positive pregnancy tests....complete with urine drops in tact..this for me is a step too far, is anything sacred? but a friend of mine loathes people using their scan pictures as their profile pictures, i think this is perfectly acceptable, although i didn't do it myself, i chose to text a picture of my 12 week foetus to my nearest and that bad too ? i guess its horses for courses, and as i have learnt, you actually don't know what you will do, or how you will act until you are with child yourself.

I personally am even a little shy posing for photos fully clothed whilst pregnant, I am very proud of my mummy-to-be bump but am more than a little aware i am carrying a little extra weight on my limbs and face, now i am 25 weeks the grey cast I've been sporting has lifted and my skin and hair feel nice, i have decided this is mother natures compensation for the fact none of my clothes fit anymore.

I marvel at the pictures of pregnant women on the beach, albeit they are of the celebrity kind, but still, confidently striding around in their bikinis...i envy their body confidence, most recently Actress Toni Collette, pregnant with her 2nd child aged 38 was pictured on the beach in Sydney...i thought she looked fantastic, but decided there and then i wouldn't be comfortable in bikini right now, regardless of the fact i would have no paparazzi to worry about...this is in total contrast to how i felt pre-pregnancy when i vowed i would go on holiday as much as possible, i loved the idea of a lightly bronzed bump!!!

But if i was a celebrity would i seize the opportunity to pose naked with my bump? be it for shameless self promotion or just the opportunity to be captured looking beautiful with my bump in all its there such a thing as a tasteful naked pregnancy pose? Who did it best in your opinion? Claudia Schiffer? Demi Moore? Cindy Crawford? maybe Monica Belluci ?

Either way, if the urge should take me to get snapped with my bump is all its assured it will be in private and stay in private, and never be uploaded to this blog or anywhere else for that matter, unless i wake up tomorrow morning looking exactly like Ms Schiffer!!


Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Bump`s AW11 Predictions

Paul the predicting Octopus, made famous for correctly selecting the 2010 World Cup winners died peacefully in his tank in October last year, and since then various other invertibrates have tried to take his crown, well sorry people it seems a more warm blooded creature has pipped them to the post, my unborn baby has taken to moving about like crazy during buying appointments, particularly when certain items are shown, i get a thorough kicking at very specific points...Todays big AW11 predictions includes Charlotte Olympia siemese booties, her Evelyn shoes in red, and anything velvet from Acne, particularly the Lempicka trousers in Gunmetal...the kids got taste, i wonder if bookies would accept a bet on an unborn child predicting next seasons trends??

Paul the predicting Octopus

Acne AW11 Lempicka Trousers, but baby likes them in Gunmetal grey

Charlotte Olympia her self is expecting baby number 2 in August, she put me to shame today wearing a leather dress and super high heels, looking impossibly glamorous in her signature screen siren way, she is an amazing advert for early pregnancy, but the shoe designer admitted she would sucumb to wearing flats when she develops a prominant bump, not just for comfort, but because she thinks it looks odd, a big body totterring on little heels, a look i have coined as "le pig on stilts" as this i exactly how i feel in heels.

Charlotte Olympia

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Bump goes to Paris

The bump and i are in Paris for the last leg of the AW11 buying season, not only is this one well travelled bump but its also a very informed bump...i wonder if sitting through dozens of buying appointments will influence his/her future career decisions?? A fashion designer maybe...or maybe the whole experience will have all been too much and my darling first born will grow up to be an emo or a goth, and be of the opinion mummy`s job is futile and vacuous!

The sun has been shining over Paris, and i found myself wanting to take a trip on the ferry down the River Seine, but i have a job to do off i went to view the Preen collection. Today i had the pleasure of being shown through the collection by one of the designers (Justin Thornton, of Thornton and Bregazzi) not only was it a knock out collection, but we were also treated to some inside insights from the fashion scene. Preen show at New York fashion week and Justin has met some of the industrys biggest players (Anna Wintour being one, while my claim to fame is walking past her once outside the Ritz, Justin has actually met and chatted with her, while this maybe of no interest to others, you might aswell know the majority of my "idols" are actually female fashion industry heavy weights, Jane Shepherdson & Hilary Alexander and people that first got me interested in fashion like Caryn Franklin, i am much more in awe of these women than celebrities)

Anyway as i was saying i had a fascinating appointment chatting about runway models and how important it is they are seen to walk the right shows, apparently having integrity early in your career in modelling leads to you being able to command huge sums of money, once you are seen to have "made it".... top models during fashion week can command tens of thousands of ££££...being genetically blessed with height, and a beautiful face/figure is very lucrative!

Preen are known for their amazing fabric, namely the power stretch from which their now iconic bandage dresses were made, this is a fabric they use each season in various guises, and can i have on good authority these dresses can make your waist appear an inch smaller. Now i wont be wearing this kind of thing for a few months, but the advice was to give in to the fabric, and size down, its supposed to be tight, pour your self in to it to really see the benefits...advice i shall store up and put in to practise post baby

A couple of Previous Preen bandage dresses, just to illustrate my point..................


Inspiration is everywhere in Paris, Paris fashion week, and the tradeshows that are held here attract buyers and press from all over the world, there is barely an eye not hidden behind a designr sunglass nor a foot encased in something Made in Italy, it is a real melting pot of trends, with very few people seeming to be following the SS11 trends the magazines are screaming about, i imagine the cold weather has something to do with that, or perhaps they have moved straight onto the AW11 is a fickle mistress!

The bump and i are doing out best to fit in among all the fashionistas, my stomach is now the main attraction anyway, it gets a pat or a rub from most people i meet, and people like to guess what i am having based on how i am carrying my baby weight...ive discovered chubby face and thighs = a girl, all bump = a boy, a lot of weight carried around the love handles = a girl, maybe i am having one of each as i seem to have all the symptoms!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Is there an App for that ?

I have never been much of a planner, in all parts of  life, particularly when it comes to getting dressed, and i have realised its actually one of my biggest weaknesses, its probably also the biggest contributor to my lateness, which has become something of a joke (even more so when my other half is painfully prompt)

I travel regularly for work and think i may have become blase about packing, i cant remember the last time i tried on what i planned to wear the night before, but now am pregnant i am forced to think a little about my working wardrobe in particular, I am off to Paris this weekend and i cant afford to arrive with a suitcase full of things that i am not 100% sure will fit and work well together.

So tonight that's exactly what i did, put together 3 outfits that i believe to be of a an acceptable standard for a weekend in Paris during fashion week, minus heels and with a sizable bump in tow, its made me think perhaps i should have spent more time in the past planning my "look". I often admire people who look like they have spent a lot of time getting ready, I am even aware that some women shop specifically for items to build an outfit, i have always enjoyed getting dressed a little more ad lib, am sure it has led to me looking a little thrown together, but perhaps its time for me to style myself a little further in advance?

I always wanted the computer programme from the movie Clueless, remember that ? there was a picture of Cher  (Alicia Silverstone) on screen and she could drag items of clothing onto her figure to see what it looked like together without even trying them on...genius. Back in 1995, Clueless was my Sex & the City (minus the filth) i had a penchant for tartan (which will prove to be quite appropriate for Autumn Winter 2011) it definitely inspired one or two of my teenage outfits, all i need now if for some one to create this exact computer programme for me.....and include my there an app for that ??

Actually yes.....

oh dont you just LOVE modern technology !!

Waste Not Want Not

I have had a couple of what i hope were jovial requests to hand over my pre pregnancy wardrobe "until i can fit in to it again"

As i have previously written, a sizable chunk of my closet has been packed away to avoid any unnecessary distress or mini tantrums, this includes high waisted trousers & skirts, jumpsuits/play suits, all of my jeans and any dresses that aren't empire line or jersey, it was a sad day but a totally necessary exercise to keep my sanity intact.

I like my clothes, its a girl thing, they would be my chosen subject should i go on mastermind, now i am now historian, and by no means can i identify an item from McQueen Spring Summer 2006 collection at 100 paces but i know enough to talk about them knowledgeably, i buy them for a living, and a collect them as a hobby, not fanatically, but as much as the next woman. I would describe the size of my wardrobe as not as big as i would like, but more than i can physically sure that's the same for most of us ??

So when i read a recent article about a woman who had yo-yo dieted so much she had a wardrobe full of size 8 to 18 clothes, the majority of which were unwearable i was shocked, my wardrobe has temporarily been cut by three quarters and i am gutted, can you imagine having a wardrobe filled with things you are either too thin or too fat to wear ? A hideous thought, not to mention so wasteful.

Nothing gives me more encouragement to get back to a fairly similar post baby weight than the clothes i have acquired over the years whether they be expensive or from a charity shop ( for the benefit of any medical practitioners reading health reason come a close 2nd i promise, then reason number 3 is vanity)

I had a little spin in the my-wardrobe fashion cupboard yesterday (its actually a more of a showroom space, but fashion cupboard sounds a lot more Devil wears Prada don't you think ?) And my most recent findings include

* Never try and fasten anything double breasted over your bump, not even an M Missoni jacket, not even to see if it will fit post baby, you will look like Mr Ben vs Winston Churchill
* That suede t shirt wont stretch, not even an inch, so during pregnancy don't even think about it!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bump Envy

I have bump envy, there Ive said it. The owner of the bump is Miroslava Duma, she ex editor of Harpers Bazaar Russia. A picture says a thousand words so i am going to share with the cause of my envy (I say envy, as jealousy is a horrible emotion, and this is more admiration than jealousy)

Have you ever seen any one look so delicious when pregnant? demure, bohemian and effortless, roll on the summer so i can bust out a few of of these looks. Yum yum

I avoided doing an Oscars themed blog, images of the frocks are available within the speed of light now, and by now am sure everyone is more than a little bit bored of seeing pictures of these semi-mortal / semi-aliens staring back at them, looking impossibly preened and perfect. I feel compelled to give Natalie Portman a mention, i don't care how many people helped you get ready, stylists, manicurists, make up artists etc. rocking up onto the red carpet next to the likes of long limbed Gwyneth  Paltrow while sporting a fully rounded bump and ever so more padded upper arms cant have been easy (i am not being cruel, i have added in previous years pictures below for comparison) but am sure taking home the best actress Oscar made every moment of effort worth while!