Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Bump`s AW11 Predictions

Paul the predicting Octopus, made famous for correctly selecting the 2010 World Cup winners died peacefully in his tank in October last year, and since then various other invertibrates have tried to take his crown, well sorry people it seems a more warm blooded creature has pipped them to the post, my unborn baby has taken to moving about like crazy during buying appointments, particularly when certain items are shown, i get a thorough kicking at very specific points...Todays big AW11 predictions includes Charlotte Olympia siemese booties, her Evelyn shoes in red, and anything velvet from Acne, particularly the Lempicka trousers in Gunmetal...the kids got taste, i wonder if bookies would accept a bet on an unborn child predicting next seasons trends??

Paul the predicting Octopus

Acne AW11 Lempicka Trousers, but baby likes them in Gunmetal grey

Charlotte Olympia her self is expecting baby number 2 in August, she put me to shame today wearing a leather dress and super high heels, looking impossibly glamorous in her signature screen siren way, she is an amazing advert for early pregnancy, but the shoe designer admitted she would sucumb to wearing flats when she develops a prominant bump, not just for comfort, but because she thinks it looks odd, a big body totterring on little heels, a look i have coined as "le pig on stilts" as this i exactly how i feel in heels.

Charlotte Olympia

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