Friday, 18 March 2011

Do i make you

This week has been a trying one, pregnancy hasn't agreed with me for the past few days and has led to me feeling completely out of sorts, I've been assured my hormones are almost certainly to blame, so my guess is they are also to blame for my random outbursts of tears and self pity, which in turn lead me to feel guilty as I know how privileged I am to be blessed with I said I am all over the place!

The weather seems to be warming up, which I am grateful for, mainly because it means I have to think less about heavy coats and layering, which add bulk to my already enlarged shape, but also because the less I need to pack when shuttling from north to south on a weekly basis the better. Its time for me to start thinking about dressing the bump for Spring, how will i manage to wear less black, its my staple, pregnant or not, But i must embrace colour, block colour, maybe i can wear one colour the bump can wear another?? I long to wear canary yellow high waisted trousers with a skinny belt, or leather shorts and a sweater but i cant (for now) so i have turned my attention to more practical items........ 

Fine Gauge Double Belted Dress by Vanessa Bruno AthéBeauty Tote by Anya HindmarchBaniel Soft Striped Cropped Cardigan by By Malene Birger

Delicious don't you think ?? the sweater dress  is angora mix, i like things to feel soft, and the belt is suede, so its got a touch of luxury. The Bag i just love, for laptop now and picnics in summer. I really want to wear Horizontal stripes, but have been worried will they work? i wouldn't want to resemble a portly sailor, so i opted for a striped cardigan, my ability to compromise astounds even me sometimes! All the above from

Its been a busy old week in planet pregnancy this week, abbey clancy has given birth to a little girl, Kelly Brook confirmed she is pregnant and Victoria Beckham confirmed she is having a girl (in my head I still call her posh spice, I went through my teens with her pouting and pointing as a spice girl, and even bought her OK magazine wedding special whilst on holiday in Ibiza!)

How amazing Mr & Mrs Beckham are finally having a girl after 3 boys, I would love to know if they used any new fangled fertility treatments to increase the possibility, although was she not rich & famous i imagine i would put it down to nothing more than lady luck, i love that Journalist Laura Craik told Posh during an interview her sophisticated theory on predicting the babies gender was how regularly a woman needed to shave/wax during her pregnancy, less frequently indicates a girl apparently, needless to say Posh was less than impressed, god forbid people should know her body functions like other mere mortals...excess hair? how repulsive and common! Dr Craik, gender prediction extraordinaire was asked to leave...genius!

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