Thursday, 3 March 2011

Waste Not Want Not

I have had a couple of what i hope were jovial requests to hand over my pre pregnancy wardrobe "until i can fit in to it again"

As i have previously written, a sizable chunk of my closet has been packed away to avoid any unnecessary distress or mini tantrums, this includes high waisted trousers & skirts, jumpsuits/play suits, all of my jeans and any dresses that aren't empire line or jersey, it was a sad day but a totally necessary exercise to keep my sanity intact.

I like my clothes, its a girl thing, they would be my chosen subject should i go on mastermind, now i am now historian, and by no means can i identify an item from McQueen Spring Summer 2006 collection at 100 paces but i know enough to talk about them knowledgeably, i buy them for a living, and a collect them as a hobby, not fanatically, but as much as the next woman. I would describe the size of my wardrobe as not as big as i would like, but more than i can physically sure that's the same for most of us ??

So when i read a recent article about a woman who had yo-yo dieted so much she had a wardrobe full of size 8 to 18 clothes, the majority of which were unwearable i was shocked, my wardrobe has temporarily been cut by three quarters and i am gutted, can you imagine having a wardrobe filled with things you are either too thin or too fat to wear ? A hideous thought, not to mention so wasteful.

Nothing gives me more encouragement to get back to a fairly similar post baby weight than the clothes i have acquired over the years whether they be expensive or from a charity shop ( for the benefit of any medical practitioners reading health reason come a close 2nd i promise, then reason number 3 is vanity)

I had a little spin in the my-wardrobe fashion cupboard yesterday (its actually a more of a showroom space, but fashion cupboard sounds a lot more Devil wears Prada don't you think ?) And my most recent findings include

* Never try and fasten anything double breasted over your bump, not even an M Missoni jacket, not even to see if it will fit post baby, you will look like Mr Ben vs Winston Churchill
* That suede t shirt wont stretch, not even an inch, so during pregnancy don't even think about it!!

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