Thursday, 31 March 2011

A rod for my own back!

Another week into my pregnancy, another load of clothes i cant fit into anymore, so i took myself (and the boyfriend, its his problem too!) off high street shopping to try and pad out my wardrobe with inexpensive items to pair with my existing separates for the next 12 weeks.

I heard a filthy rumour Zara does maternity wear called Zara Mama, but have so far failed to find anything baring this label, so i took myself AGAIN to H&M Mama, where i have already successfully bought a soft denim shirt dress for £24.99 & Topshop Maternity, where so far i have been unsuccessful in finding anything.

This looks like a great shape maxi dress for £14.99 from H&M Mama, i havent seen this in store on my numerous visits, but its available to buy online (dont you LOVE the internet!)

I know i made a rod for my own back starting a blog, i don't regret it, but i do feel under a certain degree of pressure to find the solution to one or two pregnancy style problems, by hook or by crook!

My Bug bears about Maternity Wear

* I am pregnant, this does not instantly make me middle aged, whats with the crazy mid knee hem lines?
* Maxi dresses. where are they all?? its not difficult, a well cut version in a fairly thick fabric is very useful
* We need bottom halves, not just leggings, not just jeans, and please stop with the cargo trousers!!
* I have a job, therefore i need work wear, any chance? No, flammable versions will not do
* Pregnant women have slightly higher temperatures, please stop with the man made fibres!!

Personal pregnancy style limitations i have come to terms with

* Fringing. I cant do fringing, not sure why i even tried but i looked like an crazed rodeo fan
* Jersey isn't necessarily a bumps best friend, it has to be a little thicker than your average to be flattering, it isn't just my bump that's grown bigger
* My feet have officially grown nearly half a size bigger, making heels with a bar over the toes uncomfortable not to mention unflattering, and i am NOT going to invest in bigger shoes until i know its a permanent growth
* I have wanted a bigger bust ever since i was a teenager, now i have one and its accompanied by a bump i realise its not all its cracked up to be, and i am NOT the cleavage baring type, Holly Willoughby ( or Willo-booby as she is called on Celebrity Juice) is a brave lady.

A couple of items i have bought that i would recommend to other bumps

* H&M Mama do a long black sleeveless tank/vest in a breathable fabric with a panel that fits perfectly around your bump and doesn't rise up for £9.00
* M&S do great "no VPL" boy shorts in black & white which are usually on offer for 3 pairs for £10
My pregnancy has up to now been during the winter months, so black tights have been a staple, and only at 5 half - 6 months did my Falke 100 denier tights become impractical, but before that the high waist and well cut shape was perfect, definitely a good investment (even for non pregnant ladies)

Sale shopping has helped me to keep my maternity spend down, but i am very strict, and only bought practical items in multiples where possible, my best buys were 3 black jersey maxi dresses from Topshop reduced to £5

I have 11 weeks to go, and those in the know have told me the coming weeks will prove my most challenging yet, the books and baby centre emails tell me i am due to put on at least another 11lbs.....i promise to be honest and confess if pyjamas and velour bottoms become wardrobe staples, but i also promise to do my very best to ensure they don't!!

Watch this space

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  1. Give a try. I got a few work dresses that look fashionable and fit well, that I get loads of compliments for.
    I love this blog, I'm a month behind you and am looking to you for