Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bump Envy

I have bump envy, there Ive said it. The owner of the bump is Miroslava Duma, she ex editor of Harpers Bazaar Russia. A picture says a thousand words so i am going to share with the cause of my envy (I say envy, as jealousy is a horrible emotion, and this is more admiration than jealousy)

Have you ever seen any one look so delicious when pregnant? demure, bohemian and effortless, roll on the summer so i can bust out a few of of these looks. Yum yum

I avoided doing an Oscars themed blog, images of the frocks are available within the speed of light now, and by now am sure everyone is more than a little bit bored of seeing pictures of these semi-mortal / semi-aliens staring back at them, looking impossibly preened and perfect. I feel compelled to give Natalie Portman a mention, i don't care how many people helped you get ready, stylists, manicurists, make up artists etc. rocking up onto the red carpet next to the likes of long limbed Gwyneth  Paltrow while sporting a fully rounded bump and ever so more padded upper arms cant have been easy (i am not being cruel, i have added in previous years pictures below for comparison) but am sure taking home the best actress Oscar made every moment of effort worth while!



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