Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Shake what ya mamma gave ya

Ive been thinking this week about the immense responsibility i have bestowed upon me by not only carrying a child but raising it too...its shocking that you have to have a licence to drive, scuba dive, have a television, you even need a license to keep a pet in European countries, yet anyone can decide to have a baby, even me!

I am taking fish oil during my pregnancy to aid my babies brain development, but then when the baby arrives its back over to me and baby daddy to ensure our little one gets the necessary stimulation to be able to develop. From building his/her vocabulary, to teaching them to walk and read, not to mention choosing a school, its all feels like a lot of pressure, exciting but scary.

To add worry to my increasingly furrowed brow, it dawned on me my little one`s personality and behaviour will be affected by me, baby daddy and the way we act around and treat them. Its easy for me to look at other parents in the street scolding their screaming child and cast dispersions on the desperate souls on episodes of SuperNanny failing to discipline their young, scarily now, the last laugh will be on me. Discipline is another thing i am keeping my opinions to myself on until i have mastered the art and have a perfectly behaved angel child!

One thing i am certain of is if not personality, then good taste (or lack of it) for things like music for example can most certainly be influenced by your parents, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason for my penchant for Patsy Cline other than the fact my mum liked her (I am particularly partial to a spot of Craaaaaaazy) whilst one of my childhood friends is blessed with an amazing eclectic musical ear thanks to her Dad (my schizophrenic musical taste spans from X Factor contestants to the Beatles) Thank Heavens then the Ying to my Yang  (Boyfriend) has great taste in music, so that's one less thing for me to worry about.

I keep meaning to write a list of the things i want to make sure i teach my off-spring, the qualities encouraged by my parents that i believe have made me a better person, things like compassion and forgiveness (i NEVER go to bed on an arguement, after my mum told me the story of the old couple who rowed, went to bed not speaking, and the man died in his sleep having never kissed and made up...probably a lie, but it stuck with me none the less)

Then there are smaller things like the the importance of good table manners and remembering to cleanse and moisturise, both equally important for different reasons.

What life lessons (however big or small) did your parents teach you that have stuck with you to this day? I would love to add the good ones to my list.


  1. Never lose your friends and be independant (wise!)
    Nana Bell used to tell us the story about 'the little boy who touched the plug'...still have a phobia of them ;) x

  2. I think that is important that kids learn to be who they want to be and not to let other kids pressurize them into growing up too quickly. Your blog is delightful by the way and I am sure you are going to be a terrific mum.