Monday, 18 April 2011

Think Happy Thoughts

Part of my hypnobirthing course (a huge part of it) is learning to relax, chase away anxiety and stress and feel at ease, to do this my “guru” (she doesn’t call herself that, i just like sound of it!) anyway my guru, has taught me to think of a place or time where i felt most happy, calm and confident, and imagine myself there again, this means imagining everything to create the scene in my head, including the sounds and smells. Smells in particular are so powerful, the sudden waft of a perfume can instantly remind me of a place in time sometimes in a negative way, and there are certain smells that evoke particularly happy and relaxed memories for me, not always a single moment in time, but i will feel a strong sense of positivity.

Am told important part of preparing for my time in labour is to surround myself with things that make comfort me, again smells are important, as are sounds, some people (like me) find music relaxes them, others find silence more effective. I have to think of physical ways of staying comfortable too, my Dream Genie pillow http:...................will play a BIG part in this, its the only think that helps me sit / lie down without feeling like i am being crushed by a boa constructor, as will my new toy, my birthing ball, its actually just an exercise ball (its silver, and looks like a space hopper for grown ups, minus the handles and the rabbit face) but apparently it will be very useful when it comes to D-Day as there wont be many positions i am comfortable sitting in, i don't recall owning a space hopper as a child so perhaps i should get some practise in??   

The first thing to be ticked off my to do list was smells. i love the smell of coconut, it immediately conjures up wonderful thoughts of holidays, beautiful beaches and warm sunshine, so along with smothering my bump in copious amounts of Body Shop coconut butter (i know i know stretch marks can’t be prevented, but God loves a try-er) i have treated my senses to Heidi Kleins beach candles.......................http:link this candle is as close to perfection for me as possible, with coconut and............................................a decadent but totally justified luxury, all things considered, don't you think ???
Now there are also the practical things to consider during labour, such as what to wear, not from a style point of view do i pose this question but seriously, do you wear a dress? Just a top?? At which point do you remove bottom halves? I don't have a nightie, does that mean i will have to wear a hospital gown? And my hair, will it need to be tied back? i expect i will be quite hot and i don't want it getting in the way, maybe i should do a Monica from friends and get corn rows to avoid the effects of humidity? None of my baby books have the answer to these questions, and they aren’t the kind of questions i want to ask the midwife, i don't want her thinking i am a vacuous dolly bird, its time to consult my mummy friends.

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