Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bring out the bunting!

I debated not writing anything about the forthcoming Royal Wedding, then realised my decision to stay silent was because I couldn't find anything negative to say, the majority of people I have heard even mention William and Kate's nuptials have been down right vicious, I've heard every manner of opinion, waste of tax payers money being a popular one with anti royal slurs being high up on people's to do list. Now I have never considered myself a royalist, still don't, but I am finding myself becoming more and more patriotic as I get older, i am not about to praise the Royals, i think its clear they are far from perfect, but they are a wonderful tourist attraction and i think that its a shame its considered embarrassing to be excited or remotely interested in the big day.

Well I am a big girl now (nothing to do with how much I weigh, thank you very much) and I am going say out loud that I am actually rather happy about the whole event, not only do we get an extra bank holiday, but I love the fact young and old can wax lyrical about our loved up royals like we actually know them.

The secrecy surrounding Miss Middletons dress is a guessing game everyone is welcome to join, just like the day its self, we may not be propping up a pew rocking a fascinator, but we are all invited to have a day off, kick back and enjoy the show. I am endlessly jealous of those having street parties to mark the day, I want to hang bunting and possibly even drink tea from a commemorative china cup!

Now my feeling may be linked to 1 of 2 things, first of all pregnancy, being pregnant has made me rather warm and fuzzy and dare I say....soppy, or perhaps its because I wasn't born to witness the last wedding of a monarch to be (Charles & Camilla don't count, it was their 2nd time around and she wasn't exactly a blushing young bride, sorry cam) for what ever reason I plan to be positive about the whole shebang, my little nieces will witness a “normal” girl becoming a princess, that's pretty magical, isn't it?

Now all the princess has to do for me to keep her part of the bargain is...wear an incredible wedding dress, preferably British, McQueen or Temperley either would be wonderful, and finally promise NEVER to wear American tan tights again, that will really make me regret standing up for you!

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