Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Feet & Lessons learnt

Now that I am 7 months with a generous bump in position, I can call myself a fully fledged, sound effect making, waddling, slightly swollen, occasionally greedy, momma to be. There is no disguising I am pregnant, other than when I am sat behind a desk or a table and dressing now is straight forward, as long as I don't attempt to stray away from a heavily edited selection of items, may I reiterate that I said straight forward, not easy\fun\enjoyable nor do I look hot to trot, for work I would describe my look as simple yet presentable, with more emphasis on my hair than my clothes, I've found it acts as a good distraction, thank God for Kerastase.

Much like we look back on our younger selves wishing we could impart the knowledge we now have on them to make their life easier, and discourage them from making the same mistakes, I have found myself laughing and cringing in equal measures at my earlier pregnant self. Had I had realised how tiny I was at 14 weeks, I would go back and tell my self not to be so hasty to crack out the bump friendly jersey maxi dresses and flats, as as much as they will be handy in the coming months, they aren't necessary now.

I know now that I could have easily kept my expanding waistline under wraps for a lot longer by wearing certain shapes and avoiding others, but am guessing\hoping its the norm for 1st time bump-carriers to immediately embrace the bump and let it be known she is “in the club” I imagine a large part of this is due to your pre pregnancy weight and style of dressing, I have never been a dieter, in fact those who know me best would say I have very healthy appetite, but I have always used my skinny jeans as a “chubby gauge” if they are getting tight  its time to politely decline that Nutella crepe. So growing out of my jeans so quickly was a shock to say the least, not only did it leave me without my wardrobe staple it was the first sign I was kissing goodbye to my figure, at least for the foreseeable future, typical really I spend years moaning about how i wish I was thinner, and then realise it wasn't all that bad after all, considering my distinct lack of exercise and penchant for chilled Sauvingnon.

Its predictable but true to say you learn from your mistakes, Mrs Beckham hasn't just the added benefit of disposable cash, she is a seasoned professional when it comes to pregnancy. I have to say I have wasted little to no money on unwearable post pregnancy clothes up to now, it has been suggested that had I bought some designer maternity jeans they would have been very useful, prevented wardrobe tantrums and can be used again if I have another baby, but I haven't felt much like wearing jeans recently, and now its too warm....which leads me to my next point.

A mix of Vanity and lack of organisation led me to come to London this week without sandals. I can no longer paint my own toe nails inbetween pedicures, this is endlessly frustrating, boyfriend is sympathetic, even attempting to apply my polish for me, for an engineer with a eye for detail it was a surprisingly bad attempt, he firstly blamed the polish (clumpy) then it was my toe nails (too small, short) before giving up totally and leaving me with one botched foot and one bare.

Anyway this week I brought with me to London a natty pair of patent jazz pumps and some suede ankle boots (with a heel, not a big heel but definitely a heel) this morning against my better judgement I chose to wear the boots with my dress, my mistake wasn't recognised until after lunch when I removed my boots to sit at my desk in comfort (it was ridiculously hot its not something I normally do) you've probably guessed, but I couldn't get the damn things back on, not a chance , my feet (not slender at the best of times) had swelled to what felt like 5 times ( but was probably more like 3 times) their normal size.

This problem is not only unattractive and embarrassing ( yet quickly solved with the generous loan of a pair of sandals)  but a sharp reminder that my style choices will always play second fiddle to my pregnancy....

One thing i don't have to compromise on is pedicures, so i swiftly booked my self in and am now sandal ready once more. Happy feet, Happy Bump, Happy Me

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  1. I don't ever tend to write 'LOL' but I certainly laughed out loud then. Bless Mr Bump for trying with your tootsies! Very funny, Your-Stylish-Toes xxx