Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Long time no blog!

This is the longest i have gone since i began without writing a blog post, but Mr Bump and i took the opportunity of 11 days holiday for the price of 3 between the bank holidays, and it was bliss. This is the only  time i have taken off during my entire pregnancy, and boy did i need it, am over 7 months now, with a bump to rival even the biggest contenders, i weigh enough to crush a small child and the sound effects i used to jokingly make when getting out of bed are now real and unavoidable, laughable even.

We have taken the first steps to prepare for our new arrival and bought the pram/carry cot/moses basket and car seat, all in the space of half an hour, preparation was done before hand, but i don't hang around, it’s my job to be decisive (this however does NOT apply to food, choosing from a large menu leaves me flummoxed) as we don't know what we are having, the colour palette for the pram is neutral, Midnight blue to be exact, the main points i was told to consider when choosing a pram was simplicity of assembly and collapse, and ease of movement, Stokke was our brand of choice, him indoors being a boffin (engineer) meant the aesthetics of the pram came second to the design ...luckily it’s a good looking Scandinavian number, meaning we both win.

We have stayed away from home a few nights this week, mini breaks and visiting friends, meaning my dream genie pillow is very well travelled , i am way past the point of embarrassment, i no longer care i enter people homes clutching a metre long snake shaped pillow like my life depends on it, getting to sleep without it is now impossible, staying asleep however is another matter, and women who have young children understand, and don’t even question my version of a comfort blanket.

This week pregnancy related purchases have included new knickers, my trusty no VPL boy shorts are reduced to a cylindrical skinny hoola hoop after less than a hours wear, this is not uncomfortable as such, but leaves me wondering how long before they make the journey down my thighs and wind up around my ankles, pregnancy knickers are one of the only things i have not read about, i can only assume this is because there really isn't a perfect solution for later on in pregnancy, the only advice i have is opt for low waisted, i am finding Marks & Spencers low rise Brazilian perfect, they are 3 for £10 and come in black, white and nude.....but one complaint i do have is M&S don’t do a nude/skin colour maternity/nursing bra, the options are black or white...what if i want a softer hue for under my white tops????? Although i know Elle Macpherson does maternity bras in her intimates range....is this excessive??? I will look into this and report back my findings!

With only 6 weeks to go, i am stuck in a quandary, i am destined to grow much bigger, yet loathe to spend any more on clothes i won’t wear again, not helped by the changing seasons and having events to attend in the coming weeks, i am down to only a handful of things that fit, let alone look nice, my main focus should be spending money on the dozens of things clogging up my baby list....including pyjamas and "lounge wear" for me to wear post baby, when visitors are inevitable and my personal grooming time is minimal...my plan is to have these hung and ready for action.

I think it’s also time for me to fess up about the few bits and bobs i have bought in preparation for my post baby weight loss, and allow you to pass judgement on whether or not i am totally mad or (hopefully) entirely within my rights to envisage getting reacquainted with my waist line..pictures published today of Ms Abbey Clancy  looking super toned and reed thin 7 weeks after having her baby are totally unrealistic for me...but hey they say reach for the stars!

I am off to inspect the inside of my eyelids for the next 8 hrs or so....more confession time tomorrow

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