Sunday, 15 May 2011

On the home stretch

Am now 35 weeks into my pregnancy, but i have actually started to count down rather than up, it feels more comforting/exciting/real.

I haven't attempted to step on the scales since my last shock, approximately 3 weeks ago, i see no point in upsetting myself, and my inner earth mother tells me i should only be thinking about the well being of my unborn baby, and that worrying about my weight is futile and selfish. Boyfriend offered to buy me a gym membership for my upcoming birthday, i declined politely, he means well bless him (as an exercise fanatic, he assumed someone carrying as much extra weight as me would jump at the idea) but the weight loss will have to be on my terms, and a gym filled with superfit people isnt appealing to me right now.

My bump is huge and heavy, and baby is in breech position, as this is my 1st baby i have nothing with which to compare the discomfort i am feeling too, but i do know for someone who has earnt the name bagpuss due to my love of sleep, i spend as little time as possible lying horizontal, lying on my back i feel as though i have a sumo wrestler nestling on my chest, lying on my side renders me awake at regular intervals desperate to get some feeling back in my numb limbs so i can stagger to the toilet for one of numerous visits, as baby is well and truly pressing on my bladder, and to make matters worse i am always thirsty as a camel, the boyfriend is appalled at the rate (and decibel) at which i can gulp down a Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant juice in the middle of the night.

But that's the only real complaint i have, i love my sleep and miss it dearly, but as i am frequently told, this lack of sleep is excellent practise for the months / years come.

The nesting instinct has well and truly set in, my latest purchase is a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and its my new favourite thing, but its not just cleaning i am obsessed with, i want to organise each and every corner of my life, which is exhausting! Old fashioned supersticion meant we were unable to prepare anything baby related until just recently, which has led to a hectic few weeks recently, the list of things to prepare for the arrival of a new born baby seems endless, kitting out the Nursery is a task and a half, i want the babies room to feel cozy but fresh, a friends excellent advice was to keep the room as neutral as possible as it will inevitably be filled with primary colours from toys soon enough.

Furniture wise we eventually opted for a Stokke cot in dark walnut, i love its oval shape and that it transforms from a tiny cot into a day bed for up a 10yr old, my nursing/rocking chair was kindly donated by my brother in law and fitted wardrobes were the most practical option for the small room, i nearly cried with happiness when i saw the joiners handiwork, the rails are measured perfectly to fit a little persons clothes, why are miniature versions of anything so cute?? Just carpet / black out curtains, changing table/chest of drawers to go, oh and mini hangers,dimmer switch, night i said the list is endless...but thoroughly enjoyable, for a clucky,waddling, hungry Horace like me.

Wardrobe wise, capsule doesn't even begin to describe it, the denier of any jersey i wear has to be able to disguise/hide the area my neat and tidy belly button used to reside, depending on the position of the baby i either have a prominent outy or its non existent (the boyfriend amuses himself by asking où il est?) baggy maxi dresses now only serve to make me look and feel like a hippo, funny as i thought the bigger i got the better they would be, alas no, they long to be worn with a bony collar bone and bee sting boobs.

My thoughts have turned to my immediate post baby wardrobe, pyjama shopping is top of my list for this week, time to google "how to look respectable and stylish whilst wearing pjs 24hrs a day"

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