Saturday, 21 May 2011

Essential Maintenance & preparation

8 Months exactly, and i have to be honest i am feeling the strain of being quite this big & heavy, never again will i take my ability to reach into the foot well of a car for granted. This week it was time for what i call essential foot maintenance (my pedicure) the wonderful Rebecca comes to my house and gives my feet and ankles a whole hour of TLC, if i was Prime Minister i would make pedicures available on the NHS at the later stages of pregnancy, as you have a physical inability to DIY, and your poor feet take the brunt of the added pressure day in day out, my own tootsies have taken to swelling up, taking my ankles down with them, most unattractive, people keep offering me sympathy "oh your poor swelled feet" but what i cant see doesn't hurt me, and when standing up my feet aren't visible to me at all, this weeks dark berry shade on my toe nails is purely for other people visual delight.
NB This isnt an affliction all pregnant women have to deal with, so dont panic, as the boyfriend says my feet have never been lithe....such a cad, isnt he?

We attended another NCT class this week, dedicated to feeding your new born, it should have been called "Breast is Best"
Now i love the miwife who holds the class (incidentally also called Joanne) she is warm, funny but to the point, she makes everything to do with having a baby seem a breeze, but she is an NHS midwife, therefor she is obligated to encourage women to breastfeed, although she insists they will equally help and guide you should you choose to bottle feed, they highlight the pro`s of breastfeeding so much, bottle feeding is left looking like the poor cousin., the North West, namely Merseyside has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding mothers, I wonder if that statistic has anything to do with the fear of what breastfeeding is said to do to your assets aesthetically (ie droop / sag / disappear) ??
My personal intention is to stay very open minded, with my initial wish being to Breastfeed, for all the health benefits, as well as the practical ones (its free and without sounding crude, on tap) but if i cant/am unable for whatever reason, am not going to beat myself up about it, as with everything in life in the words of the lovely Doris Day, Que Sera Sera!

As of today my baby is still breach, so my birth plan is up in the air, incidentally my NCT midwife doesn't believe in birth plans for first time mums, she thinks they are restricting and unrealistic, her opinion is that we should prepare for the birth having been given sufficient information about all the analgesics available (she doesn't call them painkillers as the word pain is a dirrrrty word in our class) and then we can decide on the day.
I am booked in to have an ECV (External cephalic version) which involves a doctor externally manipulating my bump to turn my baby into an engaged position (head down in my pelvis) if this is unsuccessful its an elective C Section, which after all my Hypnobirthing sessions feels disappointing, but after speaking to my guru (my tongue in cheek name for my hypno teacher) she has assured me all the things i have learnt aren't wasted regardless of the final birth method, as they've helped me to have less anxiety during my pregnancy (which is true, i am virtually horizontal am so relaxed) and also my breathing and visualisation will help me prepare, should a C sections be unavoidable...this level of positive thinking should be available by the bottle, there is literally nothing i can say to my guru that she cant spin into a positive, all together now ooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm

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