Sunday, 20 March 2011

Never say never

Do you ever impose a rule on yourself that you grow to resent ? I made a promise to myself i wouldn't buy any specific-to-maternity clothes, i felt i was cheating, that i should have been able to get through my pregnancy by adapting "normal" clothes, I have tried all possible permutations, but a recent mini shopping trip exposed a glaring flaw in my master plan.
There have been a few solid wardrobe essentials i have been able to rely on...until cover my ever expanding bump, am 27 weeks now, with baby approximately the weight of a head of cauliflower, 2lbs to be precise.
My most recent finding is maxi dresses need to be cut with a slight a-line, as straight up and down styles hug me in all the wrong places, not only does my VPL become public property, the ever popular racer back styles the high street churn out are deeply unflattering on my arms, I made a guilty purchase on my recent trip in New York, i snapped up this T  by Alexander Wang dress from Barneys Co-op, which was expensive, but worth its weight in gold, flattering, comfortable and i have worn in so many times already its cost-per-wear just keeps dropping.,default,pd.html

Top wise its easy to find long length versions, particularly in jersey, but i feel they need more than length, shape is important too (don't be fooled by pictures of pregnant Victoria Beckham in her just-on-the right-side-of-baggy-t-shirts) the problem i have is bottom halves...the options now are EXTREMELY limited...maternity jeans, maternity trousers or leggings, skirts don't work, at all, i attempted to wear my favourite pleated Acne maxi skirt for a night out this weekend, thinking i could pair it with long black top. Hair and make up done, i confidently pulled on my skirt and positioned it under my best description would be that i looked like a deranged belly dancer , all i needed was a veil and a belt of gold  coins, i didn't even show the Boyfriend, i couldn't face his uncontrollable laughter at my naive attempt to incorporate my old favourites into my pregnancy wardrobe.

Not quite the look i was going for

Anyway, my rule, the self imposed ban i placed on myself on buying purpose built maternity clothes, i have broken it. Do i feel pathetic and weak ? No actually, i feel empowered and VERY excited to show off my new coming soon to a blog near you

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