Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Should you keep it under your hat ??

I was sent a link today about how Facebook (or rather Facebooks robots who patrol the site for indecent or offensive material) are deleting images uploaded by pregnant women, namely pregnant women in a state of undress. One particular link included images of celebrities posing in all their enceinte glory, from Demi Moore in the famous Vanity Fair shoot to Christina Aguilera naked but for a leather biker jacket on the cover of Marie Claire and Britney Spears in a more risque pose in Q magazine, sucking provocatively on a lollipop, perma tanned in a polka dot bikini


Facebook have defended their actions saying their policy prohibits nudity, but do the same rules apply to pictures of scantily clad women posting pictures in their underwear / bikinis??, i have seen plenty of pictures of wannabe models on the pages of Facebook, is it that a pregnant women posing for pictures semi naked causes offense? or perhaps people are just uncomfortable with it ? 

I can understand people saying somethings are private and should stay private, the blog (link above) speaks of women uploading of their positive pregnancy tests....complete with urine drops in tact..this for me is a step too far, is anything sacred? but a friend of mine loathes people using their scan pictures as their profile pictures, i think this is perfectly acceptable, although i didn't do it myself, i chose to text a picture of my 12 week foetus to my nearest and dearest....is that bad too ? i guess its horses for courses, and as i have learnt, you actually don't know what you will do, or how you will act until you are with child yourself.

I personally am even a little shy posing for photos fully clothed whilst pregnant, I am very proud of my mummy-to-be bump but am more than a little aware i am carrying a little extra weight on my limbs and face, now i am 25 weeks the grey cast I've been sporting has lifted and my skin and hair feel nice, i have decided this is mother natures compensation for the fact none of my clothes fit anymore.

I marvel at the pictures of pregnant women on the beach, albeit they are of the celebrity kind, but still, confidently striding around in their bikinis...i envy their body confidence, most recently Actress Toni Collette, pregnant with her 2nd child aged 38 was pictured on the beach in Sydney...i thought she looked fantastic, but decided there and then i wouldn't be comfortable in bikini right now, regardless of the fact i would have no paparazzi to worry about...this is in total contrast to how i felt pre-pregnancy when i vowed i would go on holiday as much as possible, i loved the idea of a lightly bronzed bump!!!

But if i was a celebrity would i seize the opportunity to pose naked with my bump? be it for shameless self promotion or just the opportunity to be captured looking beautiful with my bump in all its glory...is there such a thing as a tasteful naked pregnancy pose? Who did it best in your opinion? Claudia Schiffer? Demi Moore? Cindy Crawford? maybe Monica Belluci ?

Either way, if the urge should take me to get snapped with my bump is all its glory...rest assured it will be in private and stay in private, and never be uploaded to this blog or anywhere else for that matter, unless i wake up tomorrow morning looking exactly like Ms Schiffer!!


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