Thursday, 3 March 2011

Is there an App for that ?

I have never been much of a planner, in all parts of  life, particularly when it comes to getting dressed, and i have realised its actually one of my biggest weaknesses, its probably also the biggest contributor to my lateness, which has become something of a joke (even more so when my other half is painfully prompt)

I travel regularly for work and think i may have become blase about packing, i cant remember the last time i tried on what i planned to wear the night before, but now am pregnant i am forced to think a little about my working wardrobe in particular, I am off to Paris this weekend and i cant afford to arrive with a suitcase full of things that i am not 100% sure will fit and work well together.

So tonight that's exactly what i did, put together 3 outfits that i believe to be of a an acceptable standard for a weekend in Paris during fashion week, minus heels and with a sizable bump in tow, its made me think perhaps i should have spent more time in the past planning my "look". I often admire people who look like they have spent a lot of time getting ready, I am even aware that some women shop specifically for items to build an outfit, i have always enjoyed getting dressed a little more ad lib, am sure it has led to me looking a little thrown together, but perhaps its time for me to style myself a little further in advance?

I always wanted the computer programme from the movie Clueless, remember that ? there was a picture of Cher  (Alicia Silverstone) on screen and she could drag items of clothing onto her figure to see what it looked like together without even trying them on...genius. Back in 1995, Clueless was my Sex & the City (minus the filth) i had a penchant for tartan (which will prove to be quite appropriate for Autumn Winter 2011) it definitely inspired one or two of my teenage outfits, all i need now if for some one to create this exact computer programme for me.....and include my there an app for that ??

Actually yes.....

oh dont you just LOVE modern technology !!

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