Tuesday, 29 March 2011


My pain threshold is zero, nada, nil. I wince and squeal in agony far too easily. So child birth was looking at being particularly tricky for me.

I have learnt women LOVE to share their birth stories, the more horrific, graphic and painful sounding the better, this has done nothing to calm my nerves and my initial thoughts were to automatically opt for the maximum level of pain relief available to me, but then i realised this won’t prevent me needing an episiotomy, for those lucky enough to be blissful unaware of this procedure it basically means your lady parts are cut during labour) Nothing will/can prevent this happening but i did feel the need to look into birthing methods that may be less.....aggressive

The long & the short of it is i have decided to opt for Hypno birthing, a movement first written about in 1942, which has proven scientific findings that show hypno birthing can reduce the time in labour, lessen the need for pain relief and medical intervention, and generally ensure the whole birth is less stressful, dare i say it possibly even enjoyable. For the record hypnobirthing is NHS recognised, and isn’t a replacement for medical attention, i will give birth in hospital and accept any help, even aesthetic if necessary, the idea of this is to make the birth calmer and easier, not to be a Martyr!!

I had my first session last week, first of all i was shown breathing techniques designed to release tension and anxiety, i had no idea i took such short breaths, i actually felt light headed when i breathed using my full lung capacity. Next i was introduced to self hypnosis, a process which sees you talked through a relaxing journey, mine was through a Rainforest onto a perfect beach, feeling the sun on my face and the sand between my toes....it was amazing, somewhere i would like to take myself regularly, and all it was all in my head, incredible really. The whole experience has made me really excited about the rest of the course, and has left me in utter wonder about the female body, what a clever machine it is, perfectly built to handle pregnancy and prepare for birth....how VERY new age i sound??

all together now.....ooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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