Monday, 14 March 2011

Baby Bores

Read (another) article this weekend about the attack of the baby bores, namely celebrity new mums releasing their baby monologues (Myleene Klass, Denise Van Outen etc etc) the journalist actually went as far as to ask if perhaps first time mums are obsessed in their pregnancies and think that they are "the creators of the universe" Rude? maybe a little, True? totally. Its hard not to be, not a day goes by when you don't have a twinge, pain, movement, discomfort or a scenario which reminds you what your body is going through, physical & mentally, whether it be passing on yet another cold inviting looking glass of vino, or the fact your sleep is disturbed by a kick or even the random bouts of emotion brought on by raging hormones.
Add to this the fact every single pregnancy is different, my little unborn has taken to doing full on somersaults in my womb, which looks like a 3D movie from the outside, other mums have said their kicks stayed under control and were pleasant and comforting, i think my baby may already be into body popping or break dancing. I am one of six children, so my mum knows a fair bit about pregnancy, i often think its a shame she didn't write a book, i think it would have been a best seller, her approach is very relaxed, i actually think she is a closet hippy, as not once has she shared a horror story about birth or pregnancy, she makes it sound like it was a bit of a breeze, or perhaps she just didn't make a song & dance about it like me, but she says one thing is for sure, if men had to do it, the population would be a lot smaller! controversial maybe, but who cares...its not like it can be disproved!!! I think i may get Joan to write down her Top 10 pregnancy tips......its never too late to get a book deal!

On top of the emotional rollercoaster i am on at the moment, i am growing at a rate that feels out of control. I have grown out of my dressing gown, it used to be a wrap over, now it meets at the seams. I put away 2 tops on saturday that fitted over my bump just 2 weeks ago, one of which actually made me cry as i remembered i used to wear it as a dress, and used to think it made my head look small because it was so baggy, i tried it on (why do i punish myself???) with the intention of layering it, i looked like i was smuggling a bowling ball swathed in chambray, i dont ever want to see that dress again until it makes my head look small again.

I see Rachel Zoe is opting for head to toe black to get her through her 3rd trimester, which is comforting to mere mortals like me, she has access to every maxi / empire / Aline dress and stretchy pant ever made yet she chooses the easy route, simple black layering, albeit she finished her emsemble off with super high leopard print Brian Atwood booties, which has had people calling for her head on a chopping board for being irresponsible whils pregnant...whats the problem here?? She is a top Hollywood stylist whose look is her fortune, she probably isnt walking further than a few metres from a car into her destination, its not like she is wearing them to do the weekly shop or run for the bus, AND she has a crutch to steady her in the form of her boyfriend....i think they should give the girl a break!!

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