Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Bump goes to Paris

The bump and i are in Paris for the last leg of the AW11 buying season, not only is this one well travelled bump but its also a very informed bump...i wonder if sitting through dozens of buying appointments will influence his/her future career decisions?? A fashion designer maybe...or maybe the whole experience will have all been too much and my darling first born will grow up to be an emo or a goth, and be of the opinion mummy`s job is futile and vacuous!

The sun has been shining over Paris, and i found myself wanting to take a trip on the ferry down the River Seine, but i have a job to do off i went to view the Preen collection. Today i had the pleasure of being shown through the collection by one of the designers (Justin Thornton, of Thornton and Bregazzi) not only was it a knock out collection, but we were also treated to some inside insights from the fashion scene. Preen show at New York fashion week and Justin has met some of the industrys biggest players (Anna Wintour being one, while my claim to fame is walking past her once outside the Ritz, Justin has actually met and chatted with her, while this maybe of no interest to others, you might aswell know the majority of my "idols" are actually female fashion industry heavy weights, Jane Shepherdson & Hilary Alexander and people that first got me interested in fashion like Caryn Franklin, i am much more in awe of these women than celebrities)

Anyway as i was saying i had a fascinating appointment chatting about runway models and how important it is they are seen to walk the right shows, apparently having integrity early in your career in modelling leads to you being able to command huge sums of money, once you are seen to have "made it".... top models during fashion week can command tens of thousands of ££££...being genetically blessed with height, and a beautiful face/figure is very lucrative!

Preen are known for their amazing fabric, namely the power stretch from which their now iconic bandage dresses were made, this is a fabric they use each season in various guises, and can i have on good authority these dresses can make your waist appear an inch smaller. Now i wont be wearing this kind of thing for a few months, but the advice was to give in to the fabric, and size down, its supposed to be tight, pour your self in to it to really see the benefits...advice i shall store up and put in to practise post baby

A couple of Previous Preen bandage dresses, just to illustrate my point..................


Inspiration is everywhere in Paris, Paris fashion week, and the tradeshows that are held here attract buyers and press from all over the world, there is barely an eye not hidden behind a designr sunglass nor a foot encased in something Made in Italy, it is a real melting pot of trends, with very few people seeming to be following the SS11 trends the magazines are screaming about, i imagine the cold weather has something to do with that, or perhaps they have moved straight onto the AW11 is a fickle mistress!

The bump and i are doing out best to fit in among all the fashionistas, my stomach is now the main attraction anyway, it gets a pat or a rub from most people i meet, and people like to guess what i am having based on how i am carrying my baby weight...ive discovered chubby face and thighs = a girl, all bump = a boy, a lot of weight carried around the love handles = a girl, maybe i am having one of each as i seem to have all the symptoms!!

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