Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Inspire me

I was asked some quick fire questions by a journalist yesterday, one of them was who do I feel inspired by (style wise) now there are obviously the classics (Audrey hepburn) modern style heavyweights (kate moss) and the magazines introduce us to a new style crush on a weekly basis (Emmanuelle alt most recently) but my honest answer is I get inspired every day by the women i am surrounded by, from strangers in the street to work colleagues and friends i am constantly taking note of how women dress.

In the my-wardrobe office there is a constant runway of trendy young hotties (my affectionate nickname for them) parading around, these girls are rocking trends before the magazines have featured them, pleated maxi skirts paired with a fishermans knit, sheer blouses and crop tops, you name it they`ve worn it, and once the moments gone, you wont see them again, at least not in the same ensemble. The grown-ups (as they shall be known) in the office have had longer in the fashion game, and are more likely to choose a particular item from a trend, a pop colour Equipment blouse, a flared J Brand jean, a statement Danni Jo necklace or a fierce Camilla Skovgaard heel and wear it more frequently, allowing it to settle in comfortably with their existing wardrobe. At home (Liverpool) my own friends are just as eclectic, seamlessly pairing vintage with highstreet for work and in the evening, with stunning effects.

Its the way each person chooses to put their look together that makes it so special, small tweeks and details that make the look their own. My most recent spot? White skinny jeans, grazing the ankle, with an ever so slight turn, almost rolled hem, so 1950s, so subtle but i absolutely loved it.

From vintage to highstreet, designer to bespoke, i have no preference, its the way its executed. Which is why age also has no bearing on my style hawking, from 16 - 60 and beyond, its always in an positive way, i have no time for picking holes in others appearances, its shallow, and i cant bear magazines that feature real people in their do & donts pages, life maybe a catwalk for some people, but dont bully those for who it isnt.

They say the trends that appear on the catwalk actually start on the street, which is why street style photography is so popular, we are bombarded with images of celebrities wearing samples, or clothes that they have been sent, or even worse that have been chosen for them from top to toe by their stylist, its not reality, its theatre, we all love to see real people wearing the clothes they actually own, in real life.

I have decided to keep a note of the looks, details and styling i find inspiring, its my job, my hobby, and i love it!  

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