Tuesday, 5 April 2011

my life, my choice

My weekend pleasure is the sunday supplements, I look forward to them, my tipples of choice are Sunday Times Style (great pregnancy front row fashion feature this week, not to mention our very own my-wardrobe CEO Sarah Curran gracing two whole pages looking foxy) and YOU magazine.
But I have to confess that Mr Bump (aka the boyfriend) and I also indulge in a weekend rag, a dirty red top tabloid with which to indulge my voyeuristic side (how can I complain about kerry katona and katie price if I haven't taken the time to read what they are up to???)
Afore mentioned tabloid also has a supplement, their fashion features aren't my cup of tea, but I do enjoy reading Amanda Holdens shameless diary of her tv celebrity life, Ms Holden has had some time off since the devastating loss of her unborn baby and the magazine have been filling her page with guest columns, this week was someone from the Apprentice, a previous female (mother of 3) contestant giving her tuppence worth about stay at home mums, now I really didn't want to give this nasty piece of work any more air time but her venom laden article really got to me.
She spoke about how she got on with her pregnancy by buying some "snazzy suits" (this was my first warning sign, she may be clever but this chick clearly has no taste...if you call it snazzy, chances are they ain't)
how she worked 12hrs the day before she gave birth, then got an eyelash tint and pedicure (fair play) and how just a couple of weeks after having the baby she discovered the joys of hired help and formula milk (her choice)
she then went onto to launch a scathing attack on women (career women) who choose to spend any further time at home with their babies, clubbing each and everyone together branding them with insults and stereotypes i dont wish to repeat.

Now I know I don't have the right just yet to say what I plan to be like as a mummy, will I go earth mother and enjoy making organic baby food? maybe, will I be new age and enrol my little darling in baby yoga? quite possibly, or will I be like most other mums I know and work my new life as a mum around my existing life? I hope so. My point is that however you decide to proceed, or cope as some call it, that's entirely your choice, and not for anyone to judge, certainly not for this reality tv contestant to casually throw dispersion and generalisations upon. How dare she suggest stay at home mums are any less worthy, in the same way i disagree with people judging women who choose to return to work, its a personal choice.

This whole issue got me worrying about how much you change as a person when you have children, and inevitably i got onto the subject of clothes and style. I am happy to make a few minor adjustments, sick proof clothes in the early days (or should i say machine washable, as opposed to wipe clean!) It has also been brought to my attention you are unable to carry an umbrella whilst pushing a pram so a coat with a hood becomes a must have! Then later on flat shoes for the school run....but does it need to go further than that ? A colleague of mine said she gets VERY funny looks at the school gates when she turns up in her work "uniform" of leather leggings, jeeez, is there a whole new set of rules for the school run...will i need to tailor my wardrobe for that too ?? It seems like every thing that happens in a woman's life requires a different wardrobe of clothes, from pregnancy to motherhood, can i not just wear my "normal" clothes??

Now i like buying clothes as much as the next girl, but i don't want my existing clothes rendered useless, not only is it dreadfully wasteful but the wardrobe i own is like a story of me, my high and low points, i have sentiment for dresses i have worn on various special occasions...its the only thing i collect and enjoy...i plan to figure out a way to make my old clothes work in my new role, as a mummy

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  1. I love your blog! Definitely try to keep your own style after your baby is born. There is nothing more depressing than buying clothes just because they fit and are "practical".