Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Rules & Regulations

I am pregnant while some of my closest friends turn 30, not since we were 21 has there been such a milestone birthday, there have been frequent nights out to celebrate this coming of age, and thankfully due to our age, the majority of these involve eating before the drinking till dawn commence, as at least i am able to participate in half of the festivities, before being packed off home, waddling back to my car feeling exhausted at 11pm

Last night was another such occasion, a night out in Liverpool with the gang required me to spruce up my appearance for the evening. I duly obliged, donning heels and a dress (for the purposes of specifics i wore a "Scarlett Dress" from Bullet on Hardman Street in Liverpool, a short wrap vintage print dress with dramatic wing sleeves, black tights and purple suede peeptoe platforms, no pics unfortunately i was a little rushed)

While i felt dressed for the occasion, and spent time applying makeup (flicked liquid eyeliner, nude lips) i still felt vastly different once i got out, my bump was visible but the flattering cut of the dress made me appear slimmer, so it wasn't that, Perhaps it was the fact i don't wear as much make-up now (having to remove it all just a couple of hours later makes it less appealing) or the fact i walk so cautiously on my heels, making me feel like a novice.

I discussed this with another new mum over a glass of cranberry & orange on the rocks, she assured me feeling like this is perfectly normal, apparently its due to the fact you subconsciously don't "do" yourself up in the same way when pregnant, you feel the need look more demure, vampish make up and sexy clothes look and feel wrong, remember Jordan exposing her bumpalicious body during her pregnancy, i rest my case.

Before i left the house i even questioned wearing heels in case someone thought i was putting my baby at risk, the books tell me my centre of gravity is affected during pregnancy making my balance off, but physically i cant notice any different, I remember seeing pictures of Coleen Rooney, snapped by paparazzi heavily pregnant and wearing towering Louboutins platforms and being lambasted for being irresponsible, and thinking that surely navigating heels while pregnant and sober is far safer than the dozens of times i have worn heels while under the influence of Sauvignon Blanc ???? The way my feet felt just 2hrs into the night (sore/swelled) i can assure any one who is appalled at my heel wearing that it wont be happening again, or at least i cant see myself donning anything with a 5.5" heel again during my pregnancy.

But its not just the aesthetic image of a good mother to be i am conscious of portraying, i fancied a splash of white wine with dinner but was worried what other diners would think of me, am sure they were too engrossed in their own evenings, but i couldn't take the chance and ordered only fruit juice, and resorted to sneaking a splash of vino from an obliging friend!
People have such strong opinions of child bearing, even childless men have been known to give their opinion on pregnancy, and i cant bear anyone casting a disapproving look, i even stopped myself from purchasing a lighter in the supermarket on Saturday, i cant find the one i use to light my scented candles, but i didn't want to chance the cashier assuming i smoked....oh lord this is getting out of hand!!!

Half of all my friends in attendance last night have babies so there is no shortage of birth & baby anecdotes, some make me howl with laughter, others cause me to cry with shock (it never fails to astonish me that my dearest friends have been through these life changing experiences, extreme medical procedures during child birth, and yet never feel the need to make a big deal about it, even jokingly referring to their horror stories to lighten up the story for my benefit) So by the time my due date arrives there will be no stone left unturned, i don't think there is a baby related question that between then they cant answer...i may have to give these personal pregnancy advisers a collective name....The Mummy Council perhaps....or even better The Labour Party???

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