Monday, 7 February 2011

The Object of my Desire

Only those living in my home town (of Liverpool) will appreciate where i eventually found the object of my desire, the dark chocolate sensation i have been craving for the last 2 weeks. Home & Bargain, home of cheap toilet rolls and Mr Muscle for £1......i had to share my joy in eventually satisfying my craving for these toffee treats, and in true Home & Bargain style they were i stocked up.

Download photo.JPG (140.6 KB)

i even have a little song i like to sing whilst devouring my new favourite food.....i hope you like it

I digress, after helping my sister choose an outfit for her Saturday night on the town , i have to admit to feeling a little fed up with the limitations on my wardrobe. A jumpsuit is totally out of the question during my pregnancy, a bump causes some serious issues in the crotch area, which is a real shame since there are so many amazing `70s inspired versions around for this Spring Summer. Flares too are just not going to work for me either, which is a personal disappointment, my job inevitably leads to me to have wish list, top of this list was a pair of MIH Marrakesh jeans, which will now have to wait in the wings till at least July...when i will immediately spring back to my pre-pregnancy weight.....wont i ???
The ever reliable Google provided me with some comfort, AKA pictures of stylish looking pregnant women...this is my recent No.1

Nicole Ritchie, a layering master at work 

I saw a great picture of another pregnant LA resident, now i know i said i wasn't going to use celebrities as a bench mark, but minus the heels (which are too high to be practical for me) i thought her look was simple and very flattering on her growing bump

Rachel Zoe 

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