Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The first event of spring

One of the favourite traits of my fellow Liverpool ladies is the effort and planning that goes into various events, most of all the outfits. It is at this time of year, that thoughts turn to the years social calender, and for a large majority it starts with Ladies Day at Aintree races, home of the Grand National (which for those unfamiliar with horse racing is commonly known as the worlds greatest steeplechase)

Ladies Day for me always signals the beginning of spring, swiftly followed by Easter, both of which if you are a native liverpudlian indicate the turn around in your wardrobe from Winter to Summer (this is with a total disregard for the actual temperature outside) which may seem crazy, but at least you know exactly where you are, its like an unwritten rule..Grand National weekend = Summer Clothes....I imagine in other parts of the country, women hesitate about when is the right time to debut their new spring summer wardrobe, as lets be honest we don't get any good weather until at least June!

I wont be attending Ladies day, not just because of my pregnancy induced sobriety but because a day like that takes stamina, 10 + hours on 5" heels is army standard endurance! But i love hearing about people outfits, so much thought goes into the look for this one day, retailers and dress makers must hold this particular occasion on the same level of importance as christmas, from high street to designer, vintage to bespoke, the liverpool lovelies leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the right frock!

There is however one part of this whole occasion that annually makes me fly into a rage, the vile, catty and offensive coverage of Ladies day by some national press. Year after year they select innocent victims to publicly humiliate by printing unflattering photographs of them, unlike wannabe celebrities, these women haven't put them selves in the public eye, they are merely enjoying a day out with friends.

My main issue is that no single magazine or newspaper covers Ladies day fashion in a fair and objective way, i would love for just one fashion journalist to showcase and highlight some of the best outfits, rather than focusing on the worst.

This year we have the ultimate fairytale fashion event to look forward to, a royal wedding, now this is one frock i cannot wait to see

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  1. Well done Miss Watkinson, I have been thinking the same thing for a long time!