Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Hero

Its Valentines weekend and the shops are filled with present ideas, Chocolates, Champagne, Flowers and underwear, in my current condition, Chocolates are a daily occurrence, Champagne is off the menu, my recent hospital stay earned me several bunches of flowers and as for underwear, i have just purchased new bra`s, (less Agent Provocateur more Granny chic) Now, my beloved and I aren't avid followers of the feast of St.Valentines but this year he bought me the most thoughtful present ever..............

I have lusted over many things in the past, shoes, handbags, even kitchen utensils (i have a particular weakness for anything by JosephJoseph) but the discomfort i am experiencing when trying to sleep has led me to lust after something a whole lot more......comfortable

I was presented with my Valentines present early, thankfully, as its mere existence in my life has brought me joy, even my boyfriend was surprised at my delighted response

Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

This funny looking snake shaped pillow has to be used to be appreciated. I have always slept on my front, with my fully rounded bump this is impossible, as not only is it uncomfortable but i find myself levitating above the bed.

Know someone who is pregnant?? Make their Valentines Day and buy them one of these. Sleep Tight

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