Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Watching from afar

Back from New York, and my usual method of staying awake and getting straight back into routine, didn't quite go to plan, 14hrs after going to bed i finally woke to the sound of my phone ringing, who knows how long i would have slept uninterrupted!

Its been a busy week on planet fashion, London fashion week came and went while i was still in NYC, with the help of the Internet I've been able to keep up with the daily events, on as well as off the catwalk, what the FROW (front row dwellers) wear is as important as what designers send down the runway these days. Fashion editors and celebrities alike nestle together in their current and future season attire, these people are under immense scrutiny from journalists and bloggers and their pictures feature in as glossy magazines as the models themselves.

Vogue.com are the creme de la creme for me when it comes to staying in the loop, their catwalk reports and runway photographs are uploaded at the speed of light, and their commentary is honest & precise, just what i need, not yarns and yarns of pointless babble.  

Fashion week outfits require quite some thought for those who will be judged (buyers tend to play it safe, and wear a lot of black) some say the higher the heel the closer to heaven, in the case of fashion week, the higher the heel the closer to the top of the fashion food chain ie CEO/Editor as they are likely to have a car ferry them between shows (this isn't a set in stone rule of course, as I've spotted young bloggers in towering platforms, but its a good rule of thumb)

My pregnancy wardrobe for this buying season has at times really left me feeling flummoxed, i see myself one way in my head, but the reality is somewhat different, high heels, even wedges are just too uncomfortable for me to wear while i am running from appointment to appointment during 10hr days, i hate to sound defeatist but its true, thank god for my Acne boots http://www.my-wardrobe.com/acne/black-pistol-leather-knee-high-boot-257497

http://www.my-wardrobe.com/ are holding their relaunch party tonight at Sketch http://www.sketch.uk.com  my travel schedule meant i couldn't attend (yes i am a little crushed) and i am waiting with baited breath to see the pictures of the big event, through the voyeur's dream that is twitter i know CEO Sarah Curran chose to wear M Missoni, so just another 249 party attendees outfits to get the low down on, there i go again watching from afar!

I haven't finished going through the London Fashion Week shows, its quite a task, but have managed to watch a good selection, and have started logging my favourites, since i wont be pregnant by the time AW11 comes around i have been thinking about how many of the trends will fit into my new life as a working mum....its going to be a whole new world!!


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