Saturday, 19 February 2011

Beauty Matters

Have been in New York a few days now, and now have a fully fledged cold, red nose and all.
Now in New York this usually doesn't pose a problem to me, i would pay a visit to my reliable friend Duane Reade (the pharmacist from heaven) and stock up on what ever drugs necessary to get me back on my feet, followed by a trip to Vitamin Shoppe for some high voltage vitamin C, i usually rattle around Manhattan filled with remedies, but this time i have to grin and bear it.
I turned to Google (other wise known as my mobile physician) and looked up what i can take to help me feel better, the options during pregnancy were fresh orange juice and rest....not easy with my work schedule.
I must have been feeling very sorry for myself yesterday morning when the waiter brought breakfast to my room (i admit i have a tendency to walk with a self pitying stoop when i am sick) as he asked me if i wasn't feeling well to which i unashamedly replied "no, i am not, i have a cold and a cough". On my return to the room last night i was greeted by a tray of herbal teas, mini pots of honey and lemon slices, and a note to wish me get well soon...blame the pregnancy, or maybe i was tired, but i burst into sobs of tears of gratitude, God Bless America !

The changes in my appearance are sometimes a bit of a shock to me, not just the growing bump, but when i catch glimpse's of my self in the mirror i actually think i look totally different than the not pregnant me. Not long after finding out i was expecting i had a fringe cut in, i felt like i needed more hair covering my face to combat the days i look particularly tired, this in hindsight may have been an irrational move my fringe now frames my more filled out cheeks......but does come in handy when disguising my dark circles.

I have to admit being surrounded by wafer thin models on a daily basis, parading through in incredible samples size clothes has got me feeling a little frumpy..towering heels and leather trousers don't feature in my pregnancy wardrobe (Victoria Beckham doesn't seem to be having a problem rocking them at 4 months gone) i have been thinking about other ways to make me feel nice.......

My friend arrived in New York last night, so we took our annual trip to the nearest Spa Belle for a Manhattan style mani / pedi, i was feeling more in need of pampering that usual so decided to go for the full spa pedicure where i was soaked, scrubbed and slathered in lotion from the knee down...bliss

On a day to day basis, other than my skin care regime i am not very high maintenance, eyelash extensions and false nails haven't featured for some time, so while i was there i started looking at what else i could have "done". Now i am no stranger to the beauticians chair, but this time i started thinking about the long term, when the baby arrives, i am going to have very little time, so anything that needs regular upkeep wont work, no one wants to see a new mum with spidery false eyelashes hanging off and a patchy spray tan, its not what mother nature intended.

As if on cue, i turned on the television and Death Becomes her was on, for those who haven't seen this movie, its a comedy with Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn who are desperately trying to achieve eternal beauty...very funny and usually wouldn't contain any hidden messages, but this time it made me feel guilty for trying to prettify my pregnant self instead of concentrating on keeping my self in tip top health...fresh orange juice and rest here i come.

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