Thursday, 17 February 2011

The city so great they named it twice

New York, New York is my home for the next week, a trip i do seasonally as part of my job, only this time its a little different, i have company, the bump. (My little unborn will be a seasoned traveller before the day of its birth)
I heart New York, even when i come here alone, the people are so friendly and i never tire of walking past sites i recognise from movies (and Sex & the City!)

From the moment i boarded the plane i knew this trip wasn't going to be like the previous visits, no little glass of fizz to settle into my flight, when i arrived at the hotel at midnight no sleeping tablet to combat the jet lag, the following morning, no turbo charged coffee to kick start the day.........and finally no end of day Mojito...i hadn't realised my New York trips ticked so many naughty boxes !

New York calls for its female residents to be polished, there are more nail bars in Manhattan per square metre than in Liverpool, and that's a lot. It also seems to call for heels, i see more women in perilous heels here than in London, and not of the platform variety, thin stiletto heels with a thin sole, hard core.

New York like London also has a postcode divide that affects the way you dress, uptown vs downtown. Uptown Manhattan ladies are likely to be sharper dressers, coordinating their outfits with accessories, and possibly even wear more high end designer labels, Downtown dwellers on the flip side are likely to be more adventerous, fashion forward, wearing contemporary labels and, mixing them up with vintage with confidence.

I took a quick spin today around Barneys coop, the uptown store that boasts a downtown feel, the department stores here are loving the French labels as much as the rest of the world right now, Isabel Marant and Carven featured heavily, but it was American label Vince that took pride of place, not to mention more space than any other label. Its easy to wear, stylish knitwear and jersey is according to the Barneys changing room assistant  "selling its self" so i indulged in a little trying on session, and planned my dream post baby wardrobe, filled with cashmere mix seperates!!!

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