Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I wore leggings, dont judge me

After making a personal vow to myself not to wear leggings to my hospital appointments on the basis that I should know better, I did it, i wore leggings. My pathetic excuse being i have been feeling very tired, I don't want sympathy (well maybe a little) i just felt i couldn't keep this to myself.

I didn't go the whole hog and team threadbare leggings with UGG boots (i will save that tasty morsel for Week 38) they were actually rather fetching Acne ruched seam leggings, worn with wedge ankle boots which i think redeems me a little ??  I wouldn't usually bother with a wedge for a hospital check up, but since i was wearing comfy / cozy leggings i felt compelled to put myself through just a little discomfort.

I have been giving leggings some thought, as ive been warned by existing members of the motherhood that during the cold months they are going to become an essential, but would the most sensible thing to do be to keep for emergencies? a bit like a hat on a bad hair day ?? pre pregnancy its been a while since i have worn them, due to the fact they aren't the most flattering item for a girl with a healthy thigh circumference, especially leggings that could be measured in denier.

Many a time I have a caught sight of an unwitting bottom being partially exposed by the lack of denier being stretched accross the buttocks and thigh of its owner, the owner having been brave enough to have chosen a short top, this really isnt something i want to put my rear at risk of, so for the next 5 months ( or until i have the baby and my body miraculously morphs into the shape of a young Elle Macphersons, or an old one for that matter) I will be putting all leggings to the denier test, and sticking to this motto "if in doubt dont wear it out"

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