Wednesday, 19 January 2011

From she who knows..................

After a visit to the a well known high street Maternity department (Oxford Circus branch, i meant business so only flagship will do) i could not contain my disappointment, i was told on good authority by some PPFs (previously pregnant friends) that they had the best Maternity offer, albeit the best offer in the long line of pathetic attempts at Maternity clothes from other high street retailers, but i still wasn't prepared for the poor selection, i didn't expect haute couture, just perhaps a few maxi`s with extra bump room and some long length jersey for layering, there were maternity jeans and leggings so not totally useless - oh and there was a peacock feathered bolero, which i am sure all pregnant women will find comes in handy at some point ????     

Working in fashion has led to me meeting some very stylish folk, one particular fashion bunny friend of mine has popped out 2 babies, and managed to maintain her incredible style and humour so rather than selfishly keep all her wise words on pregnancy fashion to myself, i have asked her to put together her Top 10 survival tips just for you.....take it away Mademoiselle H  

  1. Fabulous Foundations- great dressing always starts with the foundations, as the proverbial ‘Wise Man’ will tell you. Opt for seam-free underwear that will sit comfortably around the base of your bump (in a size (or two) bigger). Sloggi’s are never an option!
  2. Easy Breezy- Bumps are prone to settling into unusual shapes, especially later on, mine saw a tight knot of angled lumps on its left side, Glorious! Stick to light, breathable fabrics that will drape and fold around your bump, flattering its many bizarre silhouettes.
  3. Savvy Separates- Undoubtedly, they’ll last longer and will alter around your growing expansion? Mix’n’match to make the most of your capsule wardrobe.
  4. Blazer Glory- A fitted blazer is a great way to give shape and structure to your ensemble, nipping you in at the ‘baist’ (baby waist). Go for a slightly longer line that finishes just under your bottom for a more flattering shape. Wear open at all times unless you are The Fat Controller.
  5. Layer Up- Ever prone to a hot flush and/or wave of nausea, you’ll have approximately 5 seconds to strip before you spontaneously combust. FACT! However, layering is the best tip in trans-seasonal styling to get you from hither to tither come rain or shine.
  6. Jean-ius- Maternity denim no longer requires bib and braces, but a fabulous pair of jeans will take you from day to night without a hissy fit. Tried and tested (twice over), the bump bands continuously drove me to distraction with their tendency to slide down leaving me with nothing more than a baggy crotch. Unwilling to glue myself into my jeans, my next best option came in the form of maternity jeans with belt loops which mama could secure in place. Ta da!
  7. Scarf Wars- My favourite multi-functional life saver- the scarf of wonderfulness. O’ item of brilliance, not only did you breech the gap in my coat during the cold spell, but gave me a splash of seasonal colour, style and bump camouflage. Aaaaaaamennnn!
  8. Those Extra Inches- Let’s face it- flats don’t cut it like 5” heel but unless you have the stamina of an Olympic athlete, leave them safely in their boxes where they can be admired from afar. Instead, make the most of this seasons and invest in some super-comfy wedges.
  9. Accessorise All Areas- Well maybe not all areas…just the bits you can see. Adding some statement jewellery is the best way to dress up for evening without squeezing into a corset beforehand. Avoid long necklaces in later pregnancy as they simply won’t sit over your bump and will draw the eye line to your largest part (thank God it’s no longer your bum).
  10. Curb the Splurge- I’m not talking about containing your growing tum, but the tendency to splurge on an item that will fit you for a month simply for the feel-good factor.

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