Thursday, 20 January 2011

This seasons must have accessory

The exclusive club they call pregnancy also earns me an exclusive accessory, the very stylish, very "now" Baby on Board badge by London Underground.
For those of you who are lucky enough to not have to get the tube regularly or even better,ever, this sexy little number is provided by Transport for London for those of us commuting with bump in tow to encourage those lucky enough to be sitting down on the tube to offer up their seat to someone who is less able to stand...namely a pregnant woman.
The tube at rush hour is so undignified i am just happy to not be squashed under the armpit of someone who has made a valiant attempt to mask the fact they haven't washed that morning by drenching themselves in copious amounts of antiperspirant...(the lynx effect has me balking into my scarf) or worse still, enduring the stench of a stranger who is suffering from a severe garlic hangover, so a seat is a huge bonus but certainly not a necessity or a given....until now!
I am feeling a little more tired than usual, i guess i am carrying around an extra pair of arms and legs, as well as an array of mini vital organs so its understandable, but the idea of displaying my badge not only makes me cringe but makes me wonder is it necessary yet???
Since working in London and taking part in the rat race that is the daily commute i have made it my personal duty to give up my golden ticket (tube seat) whenever possible to those less able to stand than myself OAPs are top of my list (people who know me well know i have a crushing weak spot for elderly people, veterans are my particular nectar) so i keep an eye out for any that might find themselves having to stand on a busy train, pregnant women have also benefited from my personal crusade to "seat the needy" but while pensioners are generally easy to spot and very grateful, pregnant women i find are more of a minefield....unless they are displaying their (baby on board) badge of honour you run the risk of offending a woman who may just have a little more junk in her front trunk, and not be with child at all. 
As far as i know there aren't any other badges like this in circulation, for those with ailments that may require them to sit down where possible....does it seem a little unfair that we breeders get a special badge when we have our bumps as indication?? I have done a little research into this, well i have asked 2 people who have been pregnant, and their reaction is that the badge is VERY necessary as they have had to endure multiple tube journeys whilst heavily pregnant when not a single person offered up their seat!

As you can see from my picture, the badge is in my possession, i have yet to wear it despite having been on the underground a lot today, the main reason for this is on my journey to and from work i have been offered a seat almost instantly by a kind fellow traveller, this makes me very optimistic that chivalry and good manners are not dead and buried...and that perhaps my crusade to "seat the needy" hasn't been a solo quest.

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