Monday, 17 January 2011

Back to reality

After the fun of dressing up on Saturday, I realised how liberating stepping out of my style comfort zone was, I have already confessed to wearing too much black, pregnancy has only made me stick to this even more rigidly, but the clashing colours and carefree attitude that comes with fancy dress is something i want to replicate....perhaps not on the same scale!

I have been looking in awe at the pictures of the Black Swan movie, and the fashion shoots inspired by it, my bump now completely rules out the majority of flippy chiffon skirts (the nicest one i have seen ? ), i can wear them of course, but i cant do them justice, so i bow out gracefully..ballerina stylee

This had led me to think think about what else i cant / wont wear whilst pregnant......and wonder if i am imposing too many limits on myself?
As the weather gets warmer i can`t stick to wearing black maxi dresses, so i am creating a wish list of things that i love for the summer, like short suits and wide trousers and see how i can tailor them to my bump
Watch this space.....

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