Monday, 10 January 2011

Another member joins the club...again!

This wasn't my planned subject for today but the news that Victoria Beckham is to be a mother for the 4th time cannot simply pass without comment! There is no denying she has really defined her style over the past few years, the Fashion media are in Luuuurve with her and her Victoria Beckham label is flying high, being nominated for a British Fashion Award this year.
But how, pray tell me...will she choose to dress her bump this time around?? Her previous pregnancies cannot be used as a benchmark, as not only do they span over the last 10 years and fashion and trends have changed drastically but they were all before her transformation as a style maven was complete.
Her own collection of body skimming tailoring is far more suited to her existing figure, complete with washboard tum, but somehow I cant see Mrs B letting herself go entirely, gorging on chips and ballooning in size, so perhaps her style wont alter too much, just a few adjustments for the only A listers can!

The only side physical side effect of pregnancy I have been looking forward to its getting a (slightly) bigger bust, having never been blessed in that that mother nature has bestowed my share  (I am not quite Pammy Anderson, but an extra cup size will do me) I have realised that this in itself holds wardrobe challenges, i have a new found empathy with naturally busty women who in the past i thought were being ungrateful...buying clothes for a living means i have always taken into consideration varying shapes and sizes, selecting flattering necklines and shapes for bigger busts, but the fact they can throw your entire proportions out of sync, forcing you to size up when buying clothes is something i will now be a LOT more sympathetic to...all that remains for me to do is replace my flimsy brassieres with some shiny new "over the shoulder boulder holders" (well, almost) 

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