Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Introducing the bump..........

I have joined the realms of expectant motherhood, my due date is 18th June 2011, so for the next 6 months i have decided to put my fashion skills to the test!

I am a Womenswear Buyer so on a daily basis I look at amazing clothes and choose the ones I hope our customers will fall head over heels in love with, the challenge for me is can i continue to dress myself in a stylish yet comfortable way now my shape is changing beyond my control??

Like most women, the first 12 weeks I kept my pregnancy and my bump under wraps, luckily the temperature's were below freezing, so concealing my bump under chunky knitwear was pretty easy....feeling and looking stylish was another thing all together!!

My first pregnancy weight gain came in the form of a rather unflattering bulge on my lower back (aka my love handles) then came the enlarged but not yet bump shaped stomach...all of which made wearing my trusty black skinny jeans awkward, not to mention VERY uncomfortable ( now when it comes to jeans, i am a creature of habit and own multiple pairs in the same size and colour) and this rendered me helpless, with no bottom half attire! Sound dramatic ? well, maybe a tad, and a little untrue, i did have other things i could wear, but the reality was i was struggling to get dressed on a daily basis, as the the items i regularly wore were no longer suitable, and my inner brat wasn't ready to accept i had grown out of them so soon.

After a couple of mini tantrums, both brought on by attempting to wear things that bore a size small label, whilst my waist line (make that waistline/bum/thighs) were clearly yearning to be clothed in something a little more spacious. I decided drastic action was necessary.

Luckily my moment of clarity came whilst at home for the Christmas Holidays, I had a little time on my hands, so i took my self upstairs to my wardrobe and set to work.

My first task was to be brutally honest with my self about what i didn't have a hope in hell of fitting into for the next 6 months, and gently wish them arrivederci, this is NOT goodbye may i stress, as this is simply a case of putting them away for now.........

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