Thursday, 13 January 2011

Is it wrong to try appear slimmer when pregnant ?

I went on to the Guardian website to read an article I had been told about titled  "would you squeeze your bump into control pants?", my favourite part of reading articles on-line, is the comments that follow it, particularly those commentators who are VERY vocal in their opinions. This particular subject provoked quite a response, as pregnancy tends to, with the comments ranging from opinionated to viscious, how appalled they were that women would dare to want to avoid having lumps and bumps during their dare they want to feel attractive!
I am at week 18, and there is no denying I am pregnant now, my bump is prominent enough not to be confused with bloat, but the side dishes that have turned up uninvited with my lovely bump are a few extra unwanted lbs around my middle, commonly known as love handles. Dressing to flatter this area can be difficult, so I can get my head around these pregnancy Spanx tights pretty easily, personally I am avoiding anything that makes me even slightly uncomfortable, belts/tight trousers etc. but I wouldn't veto the idea of trying them out if the occasion arose, and if they work for other pregnant women, and make them feel less lumpy then what is the harm ??
I am not at that point yet,  I am still pouring myself into my black Falke 100 deniers, but I will keep you posted.

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