Thursday, 6 January 2011


The perfect outfit for when you totally run out of options

So, along with my skinny jeans, went anything that had previously only been saved for "thin" days (i cant say they had been worn a lot in recent months) and any other high waisted separates.
High waisted i discovered is not a look a woman in her 1st trimester can pull off, the necessary proportions have all been thrown out, this was the first hurdle for me as higher waist lines flattered my pre-bump shape (pear shaped with a relatively flat stomach) and some of my favourite outfits consisted of this look so it wasn't an easy revelation, but i had to keep calm......and carry on!

Before i caused myself any more distress  i did some "research", this involved trawling images on-line of pregnant celebrities. I set criteria they had to meet, I had to admire their personal style, pre and post pregnancy, Supermodels i could look at but not beat myself up over as they aren't "normal". And i also had to consider the time of year they were pregnant, for example i had always admired Nicole Ritchie's laid back LA style but most of her pregnancy pictures were in the blazing Californian sunshine so, i will only be able to steal her style on holiday. And finally, how pregnant they were, it isn't fair for me to judge an outfit worn at 3-4 months and one at 7-8 months as the challenge is totally different.

Unfortunately for me most of the celebrities I Googled ( Elle McPherson/Kate Moss/SJP/) seemed to have hibernated for the majority of their pregnancies, so i was forced to broaden my search to include people i wouldn't usually look to for style inspiration; Victoria Beckham/Heidi Klum/Gwen Stefani. I also looked at celebrities who are pregnant right now; Abbey Clancy/Holly Willoughby/Myleene Klass to see how they are doing in the style stakes.

My findings? Celebrities aren't the ideal benchmark for dressing my bump, they don't have to think practically about their work wardrobe, getting dressed on cold mornings or using public transport and they don't have a limited budget so the comparisons aren't fair (on me, and its my experiment!) so I've decided to only use them as reference in extreme circumstances.

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