Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Bump & I get dressed up

The cleverly orchestrated pose i plan to adopt for the next 5 months demonstrated above...

The first week in January brings with it my dear friends birthday, so there is no hibernating in my pyjamas this Saturday night, its off out with the girls for dinner & drinks (nachos, washed down with lime & tonic, if you, like me, require details)
So my task for tonight is to find an outfit that; a. fits and b. doesn't make me feel frumpy along side my fabulous cohorts.
The baby books tell me my balance is affected at this point in my pregnancy so heels are not advised, I don't seem to be blessed with that particular symptom (yet) nor have my feet swelled beyond recognition (which apparently i have to look forward to) so high heels it is.
One of my New Years fashion resolutions (i haven't made any lifestyle resolutions, i don't smoke and cant drink so cant see whats left to give up?) was to wear more colour. My wardrobe is dominated by various shades of black, black/black, barely black and not forgetting, almost black, which i have to say is helping me at the moment, as it is the most slimming colour. Its not that i am trying to hide my bump, quite the opposite in fact, i want to look pregnant and not as though i have eaten too many mince pies. 
One of the early lessons i have learnt is to remember to balance out my proportions, some of my lowest moments (when getting dressed) have involved attempting to pull off anything over sized, the lack of silhouette rather than looking cool and effortless just looked shapeless and painfully unflattering.

Now i am not  pretending to have found the answer to dressing a pregnancy bump, my findings are a work in progress, which i am sure will change with the seasons, not to mention my expanding waist, but up to now getting a balanced look for my new shape and height involves 2 simple calculations that look like this;

Maxi dress + Cropped jacket
 Long length loose top + Leggings 

For last nights celebrations i chose the former, (all from my existing wardrobe) an ankle length maxi (Topshop) it was fairly sheer so i layered it over Wolford footless tights and a long vest (H&M) worn with what has been and will continue to be a wardrobe staple, a black cropped leather jacket ( Day Birger et Mikkelson from ) i added a (vintage) statement necklace for a little bit of sparkle and off i went.

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