Sunday, 30 January 2011

Half way there!

Bump and I have been on an enforced sabbatical, we spent a night in Hospital, nothing too serious but enough to require a few days bed rest and make me feel very protective over my lovely bump.
The ward i was admitted to was a pre -delivery ward, filled with ladies in the first throws of labour or waiting to be induced, there was a lot of puffing and panting, as well as plenty of bump rubbing, these were proper bumps, full on 9 month, full term HUGE bumps, which made me look and feel as though my enlarged stomach area was merely the result of mild gluttony, i even found myself puffing out my micro bump like a peacock expands its feathers, to prove i was actually in the club!
Seeing these ladies and their ginormous baby bumps made me realise how much fuss i have made about dressing my current shape when i have a whole world of trouble ahead of me when i get to the later stages, no longer does head to toe black have a slimming effect, plus when your bump enters the room a good 30 seconds before you do, i guess comfort comes before style??
I am 20 weeks into my pregnancy, half way through, and according to my weekly e-mails from baby is now the length of a banana. My superstitious mind is finally allowing me to start thinking about the birth, there are so many choices, water birth, home birth, hypno birth, scientologists advocate a silent birth, i wonder if the leader of this church is female? A good friend of mine recently confided that she made a conscious effort to stay dignified during her labour, so no swearing and no berating her partner for getting her into this mess, which really struck a cord with me, i like the idea of keeping my cool as much as possible, and i dont want to be the screaming banchee the midwives roll their eyes at, the problem i have is clearly wasnt available when mother nature gave out pain threshholds, so i have along way to go before i deal with childbirth!
My favourite peice of advice i have been given to help me prepare for the birth is to ensure i book in for last minute beauty treatments the week before my due date, eyelash tint / eyebrow shape / pedicure / manicure that sort of thing, as you dont get a chance once baby arrives and it helps you look a little more together in the photographs, we women are nothing if not practical

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