Friday, 9 September 2011

Pretty in Pink??

As soon as September rolls around my head automatically flicks into Autumn/Winter wardrobe mode, and now that i am responsible for Tilly`s wardrobe too, this means hers too. Its tricky getting an 11 week old baby to try things on, they kind of just want to get dressed, if i mess around for too long choosing an outfit she glares up at me from her horizontal lying position on the changing table and i know enough is enough, occasionally i hold her in front of her wardrobe and allow her to be part of the selection process, obviously now this is entirely for my own amusement, but i am hoping this will become something we will do together eventually *sighs wistfully*

As i was saying, as the weather turns colder from now on wards, i have been seeing which of her little outfits can be adapted and worn layered, as she still fits into them for now, and its not like me, i cant pack her summer wardrobe away and drag it out again next year, this is the one and only chance she will get to wear these clothes, thankfully she wont remember any of her beautiful frocks, it would be too traumatic for her to know they are all going to be too small very soon.

Today's outfit consisted of a pair of baby cord jeans, a long sleeved top with a peter pan collar and a super soft soft pink sweater (she was wearing two of this seasons biggest trends cord & knitwear not intentionally, but she was none the less) i thought she looked gorgeous, she did look gorgeous, cute as a button, comfortable and cozy, so off we went to visit a friend, to cut a long story short, the pink sweater was too warm and in the absence of a dress or the obligatory "shes a girl" headband, Tilly was mistaken for a boy by a coo-ing stranger, i was mortified, she is such a pretty little girl (the outfit wasn't intended to look androgynous, i was inspired by a recent trip to French children's wear store, Bonpoint, and then replicated it using Zara kids) whats worse within minutes we came face to face with another baby wearing a sparkly pink tutu  and a huge bow on her head, this to me was the equivalent of me coming face to face with a cast member of TOWIE, the way they dress isn't my cup of tea,  but thousands of girls aspire to their ultra girly spangly bandage dress wearing style, i have on occasion felt intimidated by glamazonians, usually when wearing something i deemed on trend which they no doubt would label frumpy......i was over whelmed with guilt...was i enforcing my newborn to dress down? should i dress her more frivolously? ignore my instincts and go for head to toe shades of candy frou frou complete with a baby fascinator?? What do i do until she is old enough to choose her own clothes, dress her how i choose and risk her backlash later in life ? Answers on a postcode please, as this problem definitely isn't the baby books.

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  1. I think everyone experiences this a few times. In fact, my friend's very delicate baby girl was mistaken for a boy while wearing a pink top & floral jeans... I suspect it's why some celeb mins go for very traditional and slightly old-fashioned kids clothing. With the whole heritage trend this season, it works ok, but not always the most practical when they start to move